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Barack Obama is an ideologically moderate Democrat. His political views are undoubtedly far to the left of the Republican Party, although they are also far to the right of the most...

Everybody can express views on charter draft: Wissanu
The Nation - Thailand · 15 hours ago
Reform needs open minds
Bangkok Post · 12 hours ago
New charter could completely alter power structure
The Nation - Thailand · 15 hours ago

List of political ideologies

This is a list of political ideologies. Many political parties base their political action and election program on an ideology. In social studies, a political ideology is a ...

List Of Political Viewpoints & Political Ideologies -

Learn which political viewpoint and political ideology describes you best. ... If one ideology appeals to your beliefs and you want to learn more, I'll reference web ...

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Are you a Steadfast Conservative? A Solid Liberal? Or somewhere in between? Take our quiz and find out which one of our Political Typology groups is your ...

Stephen Hawking's Religion and Political Views | The Hollowverse

Political Views. Hawking's mother was an outspoken liberal and it is said she had a big influence on his views. The few times he has given his political opinion ...

Political Views Quotes - BrainyQuote

Political Views Quotes from BrainyQuote, an extensive collection of quotations by famous authors, celebrities, and newsmakers.

Richard Dawkins' Religion and Political Views | The Hollowverse

Richard Dawkins was born in Nairobi, Kenya while that country was a British colony. Dawkins is shockingly outspoken about his religious and political views.

Michael Moore's Religion and Political Views | The Hollowverse

Political Views. He's a registered independent and is very liberal. Michael Moore was born in Flint, Michigan and raised in Davison, a suburb of that town.

Political views - definition of Political views by The Free Dictionary views

Define Political views. Political views synonyms, Political views pronunciation, Political views translation, English dictionary definition of Political views. n. pl.

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