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Moss v McLachlan; QBD 1985 - swarb.co.uk


Jul 9, 2015 ... References: [1985] IRLR 76. Coram: Skinner J There had been violent conflict between members of different unons in the context of the miners' ...

Iron deficiency anemia in celiac disease


Aug 21, 2015 ... Cannizzaro R, Da Ponte A, Tabuso M, Mazzucato M, De Re V, Caggiari L, .... Murray JA, McLachlan S, Adams PC, Eckfeldt JH, Garner CP, Vulpe CD, Gordeuk VR, Brantner T, Leiendecker-Foster C, Killeen AA, et al.

Properties of the Na+/K+ pump current in small neurons from adult ...


Apr 25, 2003 ... Using the whole-cell patch-clamp method, Dobretsov et al. ..... expressed in small neurons (Arbuckle & Docherty, 1995; Villiére & McLachlan, .... The I–V relationships for the pump current activated by 5 mM Na<sup>+</sup> was found to .... [ PubMed]; BÉNITAH J.-P., GOMEZ A.M., BAILLY P., DA PONTE J.-P., BERSON ...

Matrix Metalloproteinase-9 (MMP-9) Is Synthesized in Neurons of ...


Dec 15, 1996 ... The active enzyme cleaves types IV and V collagen (Wilhelm et al., 1989), .... was prepared from tissue at 1:3 (w/v) and the final dilution was 1:5 (v/v) in the plate assay, the ...... Ponte P,; Gonzalez-DeWhitt P,; Schilling J,; Miller J,; Hsu D, ... and therapeutic strategies, eds Iqbal K, McLachlan DRC, Winblad B, ...

Milrinone Dosing Issues in Critically Ill Children With Kidn... : Journal ...


Mean plasma half-life, as reported by Larsson et al, was 3-fold longer in ..... Paradisis M, Jiang X, McLachlan AJ, et al. .... Bourquin V, Ponte B, Saudan P, et al.

Expression of Neuronal mRNAs in Alzheimer Type Degeneration of ...


Sep 1, 2015 ... JG Guillemette , L Wong , DR Crapper Mclachlan , et al. Characterization of ... 21. p Ponte , Gonzalez-DeWhitt, J Schilling , et al. A new A4 amyloid mRNA .... SA Lewis , JM Balcarek , V Krek , et al. Sequence of a cDNA clone ...

Cohen, A.S. - Department of Geosciences - University of Arizona

www.geo.arizona.edu/sites/www.geo.arizona.edu/files/web/Cohen/pdf/13 Cohen and Johnston 1986 Palaios.pdf

PALAIOS, 1987, V. 2, p. 426—435 .... 1961; McLachlan and McLachlan, 1969; Berry and Kadri,. 1974; Calow ... benthic invertebrates) (Kozhov, 1963; Stankovic et al., 1971;. Smith ..... Florensov, 1978; Medeiros and Ponte, 1981; Ojeda, 1982;.

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Jan 11, 2016 ... D, Meerding J, van de Velde U, Pipeleers D, et al. ..... Poggioli R, Faradji RN, Ponte G, Betancourt A, Messinger S, Baidal DA, et al. Quality of ... Pfleger C, Schloot NC, Brendel MD, Burkart V, Hogenkamp V, Bretzel RG, et al. ... Conway BR, Manoharan D, Manoharan D, Jenks S, Dear JW, McLachlan S, et al.

Nesting Phenology of Marine Turtles: Insights from a Regional ...


Oct 9, 2012 ... Lepetz V, Massot M, Schmeller DS, Clobert J (2009) Biodiversity monitoring: ... Limpus CJ, Miller JD, Parmenter CJ, Reimer D, McLachlan N, et al. .... par saison de ponte a Tromelin et Europa (Océan Indien) (1973–1985).

Identification of the Alzheimer beta/A4 amyloid precursor protein in ...


Jan 5, 2016 ... et al., 1987; Ponte et al., 1988; Kitaguchi et al., 1988). The physiological ... 11, a potent inhibitor of serine proteases (Oltersdorf et al.,. 1989; Van ..... V. FIG. 4. Comparison of total protein, APP immunoreactiv- ity, and transferrin .... McLachlan, D., Winblad, B., and Wisniewski, H., e&) pp. 155-172, John.

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Hugh V. McLachlan & J. K. Swales, Babies, Child Bearers and ...


Babies, Child Bearers and Commodification: Anderson, Brazier et al., and the Political Economy of Commercial Surrogate Motherhood [Book Review].

Genetic dissection of Alzheimer disease, a heterogeneous disorder.


[PMC free article] [PubMed]; Ponte P, Gonzalez-DeWhitt P, Schilling J, Miller J, Hsu D, Greenberg B, ... Raeymaekers P, Van Hul W, Wehnert A, Gheuens J, Cras P, et al. ..... V, Poyhonen M, Goldfarb L, Brown P, Levy E, Houlden H, Crook R, et al. ... Van Broeckhoven C, Goate A, McLachlan DR, Orr H, Bruni AC, Sorbi S, et al .

Estragole blocks neuronal excitability by direct inhibition of ... - NCBI


Dec 2, 2013 ... Ponte EL, Sousa PL, Rocha MV, Soares PM, Coelho-de-Souza AN, Leal- Cardoso ... Leal-Cardoso JH, Matos-Brito BG, Lopes-Junior JE, Viana-Cardoso KV, Sampaio-Freitas AB, Brasil RO, et al. ... Villiere V, McLachlan EM.