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Psychological stress


For other kinds of stress see Stress. In psychology, stress is a feeling of strain and pressure. Small amounts of stress may be desired, beneficial, and even healthy. Positive stress helps improve a...

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How do you tell the difference between good stress and bad? ... Here's more on the benefits and side effects of stress and how to tell if you're experiencing too ...

Benefits of Stress: 5 Ways Stress Can Be Good for You - Health.com


Aug 18, 2014 ... We hear over and over again that stress is unhealthy. ... Short-term psychological stressors, he adds, can have a similar effect, as well. ... their pregnancy as more negative than positive had slightly lower attention capacity.

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Remember this Calvin & Hobbes quote: The most positive effect of stress is that makes you ...

Stress as a positive: Recent research that suggests it has benefits ...


Sep 4, 2013 ... She shares a fascinating idea: that the harmful effects of stress may be a consequence of our perception that it is bad for our health.

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What are some of the positive effects of stress? Hans Seley, the 'father' of stress research, differentiated between good stress and bad stress. Experts agree that ...

The Positive Effects of Stress | Shape Magazine


New research shows that training people to view stress as a positive thing can significantly improve job performance and health. Here's what you need to know!

Researchers find out why some stress is good for you | Berkeley News


Apr 16, 2013 ... The right amount of acute stress, however, tunes up the brain and improves ... Less is known about the effects of acute stress, Kaufer said, and ...

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Aug 19, 2010 ... Whoever you are, the stress, pressure from work or from a relationship is not so bad, the positive effects of stress certainly come as a surprise.

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May 28, 2013 ... Daniel Kirsch, Ph.D., president of the American Institute of Stress, agrees that positive aspects of stress are often overlooked. "Marriage or a job ...

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The Positive Effects of Stress - Health Guidance


In fact sometimes focusing on the positive aspects of stress can be enough to help us turn stress around and to make the most of it. Here we will look at what ...

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A certain amount of stress, however, is beneficial. An experiment conducted in 1908 by Yerkes and Dodson studied the effects of stress on learning in lab ...

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Sometimes stress can be a positive force, motivating you to perform well at your .... “Effects of psychological and social factors on organic disease: A critical ...