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tallized bacterial protein (Kahn et al., 2001; Sawada et al., 2002), or .... tion of glycerol (3% [v/v]) and high concentration of dithionite (10 ... CYP73A1 expression was evaluated from CO-reduced versus reduced .... carboxylate oxygens, and when possible, the geomet- .... zymes (Modi et al., 1995, 1996b; Li and Poulos, 1997;.

A Hypothetical Model of the Cytochrome c Peroxidase 0 Cytochrome ...


Apr 4, 1980 ... peroxidase is now known (Poulos et al., 1980a), the cyto- chrome c ... cently, Margoliash and co-workers showed that specific chem- ical modification of these ..... most likely one. What is most striking about the geomet- ..... 244,4573-4579. Boguslavskii, L. I., and Vannikov, A. V. (1970) Organic Semiconduc-.

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A. Charalambopoulos • and G. Dassios ... found in earth probing [Habashy et al., 1993; Torres- .... of volume V (e.g., a smooth voluminous orebody) is ... expansion of the Green's function in an ellipsoidal co- ..... from intermediate expansions and for other geomet- ..... fair extent by simply operating the static-like depo-.

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Jan 1, 1984 ... Figure 5.2 Comparison of centerline velocity relax- 152 at ion vs. ... fj present U - 0.037, O Andropoulos ... Figure A-l Plan-view sequence showing the generation, 192 1 ... The effects of botfv a circular and tapered trailing*edge geomet- ..... et al. (1980) compared their results with experimental data which.

First International Precision Forestry Symposium - School of ...


Joel Gillet, Bruno M. Scherzinger, and Erik Lithopoulos ... Research Station, Auburn, AL, and Bruce Bare, Rachel B. Woods Professor of ... Research Station. Gordon Bradley, Professor, University of Washington v ... John Gorman, Simpson Investment Company ..... the canopy in color aerial photography (Zheng et al., 1995).

Evaluation of the effect of engine, load and turbocharger parameters ...


A.M. Dimaratos, E.G. Giakoumis, D.C. Rakopoulos ... V volume (m. 3. ) ... everyday operating conditions of engines, being often linked with off-design .... diesel engine, during transient operation initiated by a load increase. .... In this model, the combustion process consists of two parts; .... The model proposed by Hiroyasu et al.

Dimension measuring apparatus


Mar 13, 1980 ... Selective Electronic Co. AB, Partille,. Sweden. Appl. N0. ... Poulos et al., “ Calibration Fixture for Green Ceramic ...... range over which the system is operating in each in stance, the .... photosensitive surface 12F at substantially the geomet~ rical midpoint .... V], at electrode 126 and when light 12C is re?ected.

Spatial query processing in an object-oriented database system


T H Merrett, Relational Information Systems, Reston Publishing Co., Reston, VA, ... M. Stonebraker et al. ... The EXCELL method for effmlent geometrle access to data. .... database systems, ACM SIGMOD Record, v.15 n.2, p.187-190, June 1986 .... Azzam Ibrahim , Farshad Fotouhi , Amer AL-Badameh, Efficient processing of ...

Hierarchical statistical characterization of mixed-signal circuits using ...


Jan 1, 1997 ... T.D. Wickens, The Geomet~7 of Multivariate Statistics, Lawrence Erlbaum Associates, ... on Circuits and Systems Part I: Regular Papers, v.56 n.6, p.1160- 1172, June 2009 ... Haralampos-G. Stratigopoulos , Salvador Mir , Ahcène Bounceur, ...... Liu et al. considered the circuit partitioning problem with logic ...

Parametric short-circuit force analysis of three-phase busbars - A ...


Dimitris G. Triantafyllidis, Petros S. Dokopoulos, Member, IEEE, and Dimitris P. ... peak value equalto the peakvalueof the short-circuit current. The ... order to take into account the force dependency on the geomet- ..... TRIANTAFYLLIDIS et al. ..... of memory, running a Linux operating system. .... tion companies in Greece.

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Case No. 3:15-cv-00023. Eramo v. Rolling Stone LLC et al. Document 21 ... Defendant Rolling Stone is a limited liability company, whose sole member is ... the Court decides to adopt the approach in Poulos v. Geomet Operating Co., No.

Astrochemical Correlations in Molecular Clouds


Dec 8, 2014 ... Preprint typeset using LATEX style emulateapj v. 04/17/13 ... et al. 2011). Despite its utility, CO is an imperfect gas tracer in a variety of regimes. ... padopoulos et al. ..... imum ± 10% error, the total rms difference is geomet-.

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velocity V(t) and radius of curvature R(t) = 1/C(t): V(t) = KR(t) 1/3 ... What is the origin of this covariation between geomet- ... point trajectory (Flash 1987; Warm et al. 1988). ... viewed by the subjects through appropriate filters (Massey et al. ..... poulos et al. ... Bernstein N (1967) The co-ordination and regulation of moveme...