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I have neighbors that are just awful. If you knew them, you'd understand. I'm looking for some harmless pranks to play on them that will not get ...



10 FUNNY (AND CRUEL) NEIGHBOR REVENGE PRANKS. ... We all have that pain in the ass neighbor…and the internet is full of sickos. Here are 10 ideas ...

25 Ways to Annoy Your Neighbors | Dengarden


Sep 28, 2015 ... Most of us do love thy neighbor, because the majority of neighbors are amazing people. Then you have the annoying neighbors. I've compiled ...

Neighbor Pranks: 5 good pranks to play on your neighbor


Do you need some prank ideas to get back at your neighbor? Check out these neighbor pranks.

9 neighbor revenge prank ideas - Prank Ideas Central


Do you have monsters for neighbors? Consider indulging in some of these neighbor revenge pranks or just read them for laughs ... The objective of this prank is to just annoy your neighbor with people flooding in for the job at an ungodly hour.

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Fun Stuff To Do: Hope you have fun neighbors Mackenzie, most will seak you out and kick your butt! For more Perfect Pranks go: Here! For the Top 10 Pranks in ...

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Write something on their lawn. It could be something obscene, insulting, or simply bizarre. ... What are some of the worst pranks you or "your friend" pulled?

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Apr 28, 2014 ... so here are some ideas of pranks you can pull on neighbors/cars ... just dont get caught hoped you ... 39 Ways To Annoy Your Neighbors!!!

What are some pranks to play on an annoying neighbor ...


Some pranks to play on an annoying neighbor include spelling out a message on his lawn in fertilizer, planting carrots in his yard and planting a fake bird call ...

Fun things to do to stupid neighbors - How to get revenge with stupid ...


This little article is everyone out there who is a next door neighbor whois, in your ... You Are Here: Home » Revenge & Pranks » Fun things to do to stupid neighbors ... 9) Other easy and annoying tricks: Use JB Weld or any other metal weld ...