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The charming, curious and social domestic mouse has been kept as a pet for centuries, according to the ASPCA. Thanks to her prolific breeding ability, the ...

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Pregnancy. Some pregnant mice look like they swallowed a golf ball while other mice don't look pregnant at all. Pregnant Mouse ...

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When mice are maintained on a standard light-dark cycle, the estrus phase will ... (4) If pregnancy does not occur, the metestrus phase is ultimately followed by ...

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Mar 8, 2009 ... 2 Weeks ago I got a little white mouse from the pet-store. She runs on the wheel for 6 hours at a time and eats a seed like every hour.

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Apr 29, 2012 ... this mouse is prego she had her babys on 4-21-12.

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In difficult situations, you can foster the pups to a more maternal strain or cohouse a pregnant mouse of a maternal strain at the same or more advanced stage of ...

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Mouse Pregnancy Stages. Mice experience an approximately 21-day gestation period following conception. Most mouse pregnancies proceed smoothly with ...

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Ideally, you would do this once you realize your mouse is pregnant (it is usually pretty obvious by a couple of days before birth, simply by the sheer size of her ...

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Sometimes pregnant mice will behave uncharacteristically, eg a previously friendly mouse may suddenly nip. Don't worry about this - she'll get over it when the ...

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Aug 13, 2008 ... An owner asks for advice on how to help care for a pregnant pet mouse.

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Q: What to do about pregnant mice?
A: You need to be sure which one gave birth so the babies stay with their mother. Either look at their teats or put all back together & see which one feeds the bab... Read More »
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Q: What do you feed pregnant mice?
A: Mouse food. Read More »
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Q: Pregnant Mice, what should i do?
A: Try picking her up in a cantainer or glass jar to tranfer her to the other tank don't handel her to much. I would call the pet store and ask what their policy i... Read More »
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Q: Is she even pregnant? Mice
A: Hi Kerryann, You're not a bother at all! :) Some moms show more than others, and some hold the babies a day or two over the average 21 days. If by Wednesday ... Read More »
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Q: How many pregnant mice can be kept in a ten gallon tank?
A: It would depend on the size of the mice, I'd guess around 100... Read More »
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