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3 Ways to Tell if Your Fish Is Having Babies - wikiHow


A quick online search can usually tell you whether your species of fish gives birth to live young, ... Pregnant female fish often develop a "gravid spot" on the abdomen near the rear vent. ..... Treat Tropical Fish with White Spot Disease (Ich) .

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Pregnant Tropical Fish&v=jvtjnW9dtHE
Nov 17, 2013 ... Hey youtube another video showing you how to see if any of your live bearers are pregnant or giving birthsoon. Hope this video is usefull to you ...

How long does a fish stay pregnant? | Reference.com


The length of pregnancy in a fish varies greatly depending on the species of fish. ... A: The exact lifespan of a tropical fish varies greatly depending upon the ...

How do you know if a fish is pregnant? | Reference.com


Fish that lay eggs show almost no visible signs of pregnancy, although those who bear live fish start to show a definite abdominal bulge ... abouttropicalfish.co.uk.

How long are tropical fish pregnant? | Reference.com


While the exact length of the gestation period for a tropical fish varies from species to species, the average pregnancy lasts about one month, give or take a week ...

How do you know if a fish is pregnant? | Reference.com


According to Practical Fishkeeping, the first sign of pregnancy is that the fish's belly enlarges and appears rounder. Pregnant fish also exhibit a black spot on the ...

Pregnant Molly with Babies? What to Do Help Guide - MollyFish.com


The first sign of your Molly being pregnant is going to be a swollen stomach. Maybe you took a second ... Most fish are going to want to eat these small little babies! To do this we watch ... We need them in tropical temps too. From there on .. you ...

Breeding Tropical Fish and Raising the Baby Fish - AquariumFish.net


Breeding Tropical Fish and raising the baby fish by AquariumFish.net, Tropical ... So once your female Molly is pregnant, you don't really need a male Molly for ...

Tropical Fish - Breeding Guppies mollies and other livebearers


When you get most female livebearers they are pregnant and should give birth to ... see pictures the male (platy) is on the left and the female platy is on the right.