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5 Horrifying Truths About Funeral Homes (From an Undertaker ...

Jun 8, 2014 ... My work as a mortician and funeral director has exposed me to a part ... But keep in mind, the ugliness doesn't start with the body preparation . a Body for a Funeral&v=osR1uSnJ854
Aug 10, 2009 ... Behind the Scenes: Funeral Home .... WHAT HAPPENS TO YOUR BODY AFTER YOU DIE by Stacy Holmstedt, Ep 33 - Duration: 6:12. by ...

What Happens When a Funeral Home Receives a Body

Once a funeral home has been contacted and brought the body to their ... In preparation for embalming, the body is placed on a special table (similar to an ...

What really happens when you die? Behind the scenes at funeral ...

Jun 17, 2013 ... Photographer Sienna Perro explores how bodies are prepared for death, along with the culture of funeral homes as 'domiciles, businesses, ...

I've been an embalmer for 14 years and see my share of bodies. Any ...

Oct 24, 2013 ... Jenn Park-Mustacchio:I spend my time with dead bodies, cleaning them and preparing them for funerals. It's delicate work. Go ahead, ask me ...

Preparing The Body For Burial Or Cremation | Everplans

In most states, if a body will not be buried or cremated within 24 or 48 hours ... this are embalming and refrigeration, which the funeral home will be able to provide.

Preparing the Deceased for Viewing or Visitation -

Your guide to the preparation of the deceased for a funeral service, from ... some of those questions revolve around preparation and proper disposal of the body.

Misconceptions & Questions - The Other Side Of Funerals - Blogger

Undertakers deal with the funeral, not death. Sure, the funeral involves transporting and preparing bodies, but that is not the main thing or the emphasis.

13+ Things A Funeral Director Won't Tell You | Reader's Digest

Read the money-saving secrets funeral directors from across the country aren't ... I was prepared to go to the media which would have been a blow to him as one ... would have come to Florida and pick up his body and have the same funeral I ...

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Q: How to Prepare a Body for a Funeral.
A: 1. Rinse and wash down the body with a germicidal soap to remove any bacteria and parasites. 2. Replace the blood with embalming fluid. An embalming machine doe... Read More »
Q: Who prepares a body at a funeral home?
A: A mortician or undertaker is one whose business it is to prepare the dead for Read More »
Q: What is the name of the person who prepares the body at the funer...
A: An undertaker is a person whose job is to look after the b... Read More »
Q: Preparing the body for funeral and burial?
A: Most funeral homes can help you with all this. Read More »
Q: Preparing the body for funeral and burial?
A: You can bury someone in a green cemetery with only a shroud, not even a casket. In religious Jewish burial the body has to be specially prepared by certified pr... Read More »