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The Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 was an Act of Congress providing for several kinds of economic stimuli intended to boost the United States economy in 2008 and to avert a recession, or ameliorate economic conditions. The stimulus package was passed by the U.S. House of Representatives on ... It was signed into law on February 13, 2008 by President Bush with the ...


Sep 8, 2016 ... President George Bush launched an economic stimulus package in 2008 to head off the recession. It didn't work.


Feb 13, 2008 ... President Bush on Wednesday signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008, ... Plan would send rebate checks up to $600 for individuals and ...


This note evaluates President Bush's new proposals for stimulating the economy via tax cuts. We evaluate the proposals relative to a series of principles for ...


Aug 31, 2011 ... That package provided tax cuts of up to $600 for individuals or $1,200 for ... President Bush lauded the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 for ...


Feb 13, 2008 ... President Bush on Wednesday signed a multibillion-dollar economic rescue package on Wednesday that means $300 to $1200 rebates for ...


In an effort to bolster economic performance in light of a looming downturn in economic activity, President George W. Bush signed the Economic Stimulus Act of 2008 on February ... The most common plan for the rebate was debt repayment .


President Bush says the economy is weakening but he hopes tax rebates that ... the government's $168 billion economic stimulus package, enacted in February.


Aug 19, 2009 ... George W. Bush's and Barack Obama's “stimulus” programs will ... the Obama stimulus spending package, and the bailouts of automobile and ...


Feb 13, 2008 ... Fact Sheet: Bipartisan Growth Package Will Help Protect Our Nation's Economic Health. 1:59 P.M. EST. THE PRESIDENT: Thanks for coming.