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PERSONAL SYMBOL: Another term for a private symbol. ... PHALLIC (from Greek phallos, "penis"): A phallic symbol or phallus is a sexualized representation of ...

private-symbol - npm


Usage. npm install private-symbol. and then: var PrivateSymbol = require('private -symbol');. var myObj = {};. var symbol = PrivateSymbol();. myObj[symbol] = 123;.

Symbol - Definition of Literary Term


However, poets can also create their own symbols called 'private' symbols. If we cannot give literal meaning or conventional symbolic meaning of a word in a ...

visual studio - Setting up a public (or private) symbol server over http ...


I believe the answer is a very simple, "Just share the directory via some sort of http path." According to Chad Austin's entry on "Creating Your Very ...

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Oct 3, 2010 ... “Everyone” Private Symbol<br />A private symbol is one that requires special or private Symbols in Literature<br />In literature, the symbolism ...

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Using symbols instead of strings allows different modules to create properties that don't conflict with one another. Symbols can also be made private, so that their ...

Private properties in JavaScript — Curiosity driven


Object properties were traditionally left unprotected in JavaScript or hidden, captured in a closure. Symbols and WeakMaps provide another alternative.

Improving Stability with Private C/C++ Symbol Restrictions in ...


Jun 21, 2016 ... As a result, if your app uses any private symbols from platform libraries, ... Other libraries are private, and Android N only allows access to them ...

Private Company Ticker Symbols Covered on StockTwits


iPhone · Android · Developers · House Rules · Best Practices. A list of private company symbols. View the Private Company Stream ». Symbol, Company Name ...

7. Symbols - Exploring ES6


Symbols are mainly used as unique property keys – a symbol never clashes with any ..... For example, in the following code, symbols are used for the private ...

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Public and Private Symbols - Windows 10 hardware dev


When a full-sized .pdb or .dbg symbol file is built by a linker, it contains two distinct collections of information: the private symbol data and a public symbol table.

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DefinitionExamples of symbolsPublic symbolismPrivate symbolismSymbolic ... A symbol is an object invested with a particular set of meanings, not necessarily ...

Proposal About Private Symbol - ES Discuss


When the private parameter is set to true, the symbol will be eliminated from Object.getOwnPropertySymbols. In later text, I will call such a Symbol private symbol ...