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Astronomers are now able to detect planets orbiting stars other than the Sun where life may exist, and living generations could see the signatures of extra-terrestrial life being detected.
A new microorganism recently discovered by NASA, which is able to thrive and reproduce using the toxic chemical arsenic, gives more plausibility to the theory that other planets might sustain life. More >>

Drake equation - Wikipedia


The Drake equation is a probabilistic argument used to arrive at an estimate of the number of .... On the other hand, if it is generally by permanent uninhabitability, such as stellar evolution, the...

Universe Has Probably Hosted Many Alien Civilizations: Study


May 5, 2016 ... Many other planets throughout the universe probably hosted intelligent life long before Earth did, a new study suggests. The probability of a ...

Life in the Universe - Stephen Hawking


Two questions I shall discuss are, 'What is the probability of life existing else ..... Other planets in the galaxy, on which life has developed, may not have had a ...

What are the odds aliens exist? | Science Wire | EarthSky


Feb 3, 2016 ... While many astronomers admit that is a possibility, they don't think aliens are the likely cause. For one, mysterious behavior is not enough to ...

The Odds That We're the Only Advanced Species in the Galaxy Are ...


May 3, 2016 ... After all, there are many intelligent species on our planet, including .... Find other life first before trying to answer that question please, right?

What are the chances of life on another planet? - Phys.org


May 9, 2016 ... In an infinite universe, most scientists agree, the odds of life existing on a ... looking for evidence of past or present life, among other things.

The Search for Life in the Universe -- NASA Astrobiology Magazine ...


Indeed, most astrophysicists accept a high probability of there being life elsewhere in the universe, if not on other planets or on moons within our own solar ...

New Equation Tallies Odds of Life Beginning - Scientific American


Jul 11, 2016 ... When life originates on a planet, whether Earth or a distant world, the .... but the early solar system was chaotic; impacts with other solar system ...

Yes, There Have Been Aliens - The New York Times


Jun 10, 2016 ... Since the odds of contact with alien life depended on how many .... of the New York edition with the headline: Yes, There Have Been Aliens.