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The Problems Faced by Teen Parents
Being a teen-ager is tough enough. Teen-age bodies adjust according to hormonal changes, their brain still develops to provide adequate decision-making ability and their appropriate social skills are not yet honed. When teens become a parent, their life... More »
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The Problems Faced by Teen Parents | LIVESTRONG.COM

Apr 26, 2015 ... Teen parents also face problems in regards to the success of their children. Children born to teen parents earn lower standardized test scores ...

Teen Mothers and Their Responsibilities | LIVESTRONG.COM

May 25, 2015 ... Teen mothers face daily challenges as they struggle to take care of their child and find a way to be the best parent they can. Because most teen ...

7 Problems Teen Moms Face ... → Love

Here are 7 problems teen moms face. Some of these problems are inevitable and others can be overcome with help of friends and family. There are a few teens ...
This means teens need to get their rest the night before or they will be too tired to learn anything at school and may even fall asleep in class. When a teen falls asleep in class, two things happen: he/she misses what is being taught and he/she loses the respect of th... More »
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How Adolescent Parenting Affects Children, Families, and ...

Feb 27, 2014 ... And the effects of teenage pregnancy on parent, baby, and ... more health problems, face unemployment and become teen parents themselves.

When Children Have Children

Babies born in the U.S. to teenage mothers are at risk for long-term problems in many major areas of life, including school failure, poverty, and physical or mental  ...

Being A Teen Parent | One World Education, Inc.

Teenage pregnancy is associated with numerous social issues: poverty, low ... It can be scary for young teens to face the responsibility of making important ...


Teenage mothers are at a greater risk to drop out of school than their non- parenting classmates. ... mothers, faced with the challenges and opportunities of school, personal and economic ...... learning process since they now have to face other.

Teen Pregnancy & Health Risks to the Baby -

Nov 1, 2000 ... Babies born to teenage mothers have a number of health risks. ... bleeding in the brain, respiratory distress syndrome, and intestinal problems.

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Q: Special problems teen parents face that adult parents do not?
A: Lack of family support. Constant criticism. Negativism (i.e. now she'll never make anything of herself; I feel sorry for the kids). You'd be AMAZED how differen... Read More »
Q: What advice would you offer parents of teens who may be facing dr...
A: "I tell people love your children lots, trust them little. If you feel for one second they may be using anything make them pee in a cup. They may hate you, but ... Read More »
Q: What are the roles teen parents face?
A: Teen Pregnancy. Read More »
Q: What problems did/do you face MOST with your parents as a teen?
A: None really. The only problem I can remember was being taught (whap-whap) by my Mother that "it's not WHAT you say. It's the way you SAY it! That problem only h... Read More »
Q: What Are Your Parents' Rights in Arizona for Problem Teens?
A: Parents have the right to receive notice before the state takes any action concerning their child. This means a notification before court appearances, when char... Read More »