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May 19, 2011 ... Well, let me restate that: I have no friends who keep in touch without me ... problem (s)? Here are some of the possibilities why people don't ...


May 16, 2014 ... Do you ever wonder why you don't have any good friends? ... Have you ever seen characters in movies or people on the street that make you feel .... You have trust issues and feel threatened each time your friend meets ...


May 18, 2016 ... So if you don't have any friends you may simply not have anyone ... I spent all of my school life on the peripheries of other people's friendships.


I think to answer, I have to make a quick list of reasons I think friendships formulate. ... They have trouble relating to people right away. ... I personally believe that is better to be in no company rather then be with people who I can't share much with ... The whole "people don't have friends because they are introverts" excuse is ...


Here are the top 11 reasons why people don't have many friends. ... If you're guilty of stirring up trouble, it's likely that people will try to avoid the drama.


Feb 23, 2016 ... I don't have a significant other, I don't have many friends, and my weekends ... It isn't that I hate people or that I'm an awful person — at least I hope not; ... I have trouble allowing myself to actually believe that there is anyone in ...


I hardly have any friends. ... But I don't have friends like other people do, I guess. ... If you recognize yourself in any of those statements, you're not alone. .... thereby helping create the very social problems they want so desperately to overcome.


You're not the only one to feel lonely or that you don't have any friends. See how others counteract these feelings. Get facts about friendship and loneliness.


... that they don't have a close friend, and a very lonely 3 percent reported having no friends at all. ... It also puts them at risk for further health problems. ... Among people in average or bad friendships, that number dropped to 63 percent; and ...


If you are one of the many guys who are saying, “I don't have many friends,” what is ... to people and they will like you,” but is that isn't the answer to your problem. .... my life (in small doses!) because he doesn't have any other real friends and I ...