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Giant-impact hypothesis


The giant-impact hypothesis, sometimes called the Big Splash, or the Theia Impact suggests ... The more volatile materials that were emitted during the collision probably .... The highly anorthositi...

Astronomy Test Answers Flashcards


Apr 26, 2010 ... Because only metal and rock could condense in the inner solar system, while ice ..... Processed meteorites with high metal content probably are ...

Meteorites - Astronomy Notes


May 13, 2013 ... Large meteors and asteroids can make the much brighter "fireballs" that may even ... will group the meteorites into three basic types based on their composition. ... The primitive meteorites are probably the most important ones because ... Not only does their high density and metal composition set them apart  ...

TEST 2 - Astronomy 170b2 with Gabor at University of Arizona ...


Mar 11, 2015 ... (For example, if you were 5 feet tall before, you now are 10 feet tall.) By what .... Processed meteorites with high metal content probably are.

Recognizing mercurian meteorites - Wiley Online Library


Aug 9, 1994 ... probably suffer large random changes in collisions with smaller objects. The net ... exposed on the surface of the planet and processed by micro- meteoroid .... silicate-rich, metal-poor crust and mantle of the planet. They are ... content may be useful in distinguishing mercurian meteorites from asteroidal ...

Camel Donga - A eucrite with high metal content


Printed in USA Camel Donga: A Eucrite with High Metal Content H. P~u~ti~, ... the Camel Donga metal was formed by reduction of FeO and FeS, probably through ... The fact that major parts of the meteorite still contain sulfides, in many cases ... All spectra were processed according to the peak-fitting routine of Kruse (1979).

Cosmic Dust: Building Blocks of Planets Falling from the Sky ...


2 days ago ... Unmelted cosmic dust is often composed of large numbers of smaller .... 4) but that flux was probably even higher in the early Solar System because .... Most meteorites were processed in their parent bodies to a degree that they ... opaque due to their content of nanophase metal and sulfide and/or carbon.

Educational Meteorite Thin Sections - Astromaterials Curation - Nasa


This set of meteorite thin sections will introduce students to the study of meteorites by ... the Earth, whose rocks have been processed and recycled by eons of ... Probably the most surprising discovery from the Antarctic collections was the .... For another, their high metal contents make them entirely different from terrestrial.

Has life been found in a meteorite? - Bad Astronomy : Bad Astronomy


Mar 5, 2011 ... Probably the biggest bump in the road for showing these things are ..... I'm assuming the Orgueil meteorite can't be of Earth origin, given its composition. ..... ' grow' out of metal grains when under high stress. aluminum and tin ..... It is negative relative to the norm on Earth in biologically processe...

Heterogeneity in lunar anorthosite meteorites: implications for the ...


These include the Mg-suite and high alkali suite rock types. ... However, lunar meteorites are typically highly impact processed, and deconvolving ... petrology and REE composition of clasts from two hot desert feldspathic lunar meteorites, ... [15], monolithic-plagioclase clasts are abundant, which are probably relict in origin.

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Exam 2 Chapters 7-11 Flashcards


Nov 13, 2011 ... A large gap, visible from Earth, produce by an orbital resonance with the moon ..... Processed meteorites with high metal content probably are ...

Meteorites - Vanderbilt University


Irons - meteorites composed almost entirely of nickel and iron. .... These objects have been much less processed than stoney meteorites than contain no metals.

Lecture 15: Small Solar System Bodies - Lick Observatory


May 27, 2014 ... perturbations probably ..... they have a higher metal content than terrestrial rocks .... Processed meteorites come from large objects in the.