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Testing cosmetics on animals is a type of animal testing used to test the safety and hypoallergenic properties of products for use by humans. Due to the harm ...


By checking our cruelty-free database and purchasing only products from companies that don't test on animals, you'll be sending a powerful message to these ...


Here are some of the top cosmetics brands whose products are still tested on animals—and some cruelty-free brands that you should support instead: ...


May 26, 2017 ... The following brands ALL test on animals. ... This list only includes companies that claimed they test on animals at some point, ... Hair Products.


Trying to avoid companies that test on animals? The following brands ALL test on animals. Know who to ... Explore Vegan Products, Free Products, and more!


To give you an idea of how prevalent animal testing is in household and cosmetic products, we have provided a short list below of familiar household brands that ...


The Chinese government conducts mandatory animal tests on all cosmetic products imported into the ...


When you pick up cosmetic and household products at the grocery store, you probably don't spend a lot of time considering what went into producing them.


Jul 29, 2014 ... An overview of FDA policy related to animal testing of cosmetic products and ingredients.


Animals Used in Testing. The Use of Animals in Product Testing. Toxicity tests to estimate the safety of products and chemicals were developed in the early 20th ...