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How to Find Product with Patent Number
A patent is an exclusive right given to an inventor or a corporation allowing them to prohibit others from the sale and reproduction of their invention or any invention too similar to that of the patent holder. A patent also allows inventors to earn... More »
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Patent pending

or "pat. pending") or "patent applied for" are legal designations or ... used in relation to a product or process once a patent application for the product or process ... a warni...

Search for Patents | USPTO

Jul 4, 2009 ... Find existing patents, published patent applications and other ... Searches are limited to patent numbers and/or classification codes for ...

Patent Marking under the America Invents Act - Senniger Powers

Jan 10, 2013 ... Constructive notice is achieved by affixing a product with, for example, the word “ patent” or abbreviation “pat.” along with the patent number.

Marking Your Product with Patent Pending or a Patent Number ...

I'm a patent attorney in Chicago and I'd like to talk with you about patent pending and marking your product with patent pending and, or the patent number.

to mark or not to mark — the Past and Present state of Patent ...

carried out by printing patent numbers on products or product packaging. If the claims, on the other hand, do not read on any of the patent owner's products, then  ...

use caution when marking products with method patent numbers

product is not marked with the number of the method patent, the patentee may ... Voluntarily marking a product with a method patent number may help the ...

Labeling Your Product with the Patent Number — Manufacturing

I have the choice to decide whether or not to label my product with the Patent number? I'd like opinions on if you think I should or not? Like the ...

Patent Pending - Oliver & Grimsley, LLC

Nov 26, 2013 ... A patent applicant who seeks the benefit of marking an article as “Patent ... use of this patent number marking can be found on the products and ...

Patent Number Search - Neustel Law Offices

You have to first know what the patent number is which is typically conspicuously placed on a commercial product or its packaging. For a utility patent, a patent ...

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Q: What product is Patent Number 2722007?
A: Its a Wilson glove. Read More »
Q: Why must you mark the product with a patent number?
A: While a U.S. patent is in effect, the owner of the patent should give notice to the public that his product is patented by placing on the product the word paten... Read More »
Q: How do i find out if there is a patent on a product without knowi...
A: The table may have different patents protecting different aspects of the table. For example, the design of the table may be protected with a design patent and i... Read More »
Q: Should you put patent number on a product?
A: Yes, under the laws of some countries a patent cannot be effectively enforced unless the patent number is put on the product or its packaging. Read More »
Q: How Do I Find Out What A Product Is Through The Patent Number?
A: Well you can easily find the product if you have the product patent number there are some websites which you can use in order to find the products by use of pat... Read More »