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Projector reviews -- home theater projectors, portable and classroom projectors, and projector screens. Reviews and consumer info for all LCD, DLP and LCOS ...

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To find out, use our Projection Calculator Pro by following these 2 easy steps:.

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Find Projectors By Feature. close. How To Use Feature Search: Use the ...

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Find your screen size and throw distance with the Projection Calculator Classic ...

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Home Theater Projector Links. Best HT Projectors < $1500 · Best Home ...

Top 10 Home Theater Projectors - Projector Central


This Top 10 Home Theater Projectors list features the most popular 1080p ...

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There are presently two types of 3D Projectors: Full HD 3D and PC 3D Ready.

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Projector reviews and shootouts of LCD, DLP and LCoS technology digital ...

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Find projectors to compare using the menu below. If you're looking for ...

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To find out, use our Projection Calculator Pro by following these 2 easy steps:.

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Q: What is ProjectorCentral?
A: ProjectorCentral is a review and information site for anyone interested in projectors, screens and related equipment. We write reviews and commentaries on proje... Read More »
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Q: Projector Central 'Calculator' useless?
A: I've got a limited amount of space to fit a projector into and I have roughly 7ft of throw. I naturally assumed a model with a hefty zoom would give the largest... Read More »
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Q: I have a telefunken rear projector tv and oil leaked from the gre...
A: The substance that you are looking at is ethylene glycol, which is better known as anti-freeze, but it is optically clear. If it leaked on to a circuit board, t... Read More »
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Q: Seen the new article on Projector Central?
A: Ugh, I thought I had been decided upon the AX-200, now I'm back to uncertainty. From what I can find, the Sanyo is about $200 less, though I'll be curious to se... Read More »
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Q: CIH Projection Calculator Pro @ Projector Central?
A: About time they got on board! Variable aspect ratio feature (+,-) is Nice ! It seems to be working properly. When you switch from 2:39 to 16:9 aspect ratios - t... Read More »
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