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Promissory Estoppel
The legal principle that a promise is enforceable by law when the promisor (person making the promise) makes a promise to the promisee (person being promised) who relies on it to his or her detriment. A promissory estoppel is intended to stop the pro... More »

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In many jurisdictions of the United States, promissory estoppel is an alternative to consideration as a basis for enforcing a ...

Promissory estoppel legal definition of promissory estoppel

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Promissory Estoppel. In the law of contracts, the doctrine that provides that if a party changes his or her position substantially either by acting or forbearing from  ...

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Promissory estoppel. The doctrine allowing recovery on a promise made without consideration when the reliance on the promise was reasonable, and the ...

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Promissory estoppel is a legal principle that a promise is enforceable by law, even if made without formal consideration, when a promisor has made a promise to ...

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The doctrine of promissory estoppel allows a party to recover the benefit of a promise made even if a legal contract does not exist. Use of this...

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Promissory Estoppel Definition. The doctrine of promissory estoppel serves the purpose of enforcing a contract between two parties when the contract is ...

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promissory estoppel. n. a false statement treated as a promise by a court when the listener had relied on what was told to him/her to his/her disadvantage.

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An overview of the doctrine of promissory estoppel with an outline of the requirements. Contains links to case summaries and law reports.

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In a general sense, Promissory Estoppel is a legal doctrine used in American law , which allows a party to recover on a promise, even if the promise was made ...