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10 Oddball Things To Make You Believe In An Afterlife - Listverse


Feb 15, 2014 ... While most of us may think death is the ultimate end, there's plenty of evidence out there to suggest otherwise. And while we're not prepared to ...

Scientist: Quantum physics can prove there's an afterlife - CNET


Professor Robert Lanza is sure there's something beyond this mortal coil. He believes the science is there to prove it.

Harvard Neurosurgeon Confirms The Afterlife Exists | Spirit Science ...


Dec 13, 2014 ... The afterlife is something that has been experienced by countless ... and went on to write the NY Times #1 best selling book “Proof of Heaven.

Proof of Life After Death Hospice Nurse | Guideposts


Proof of Heaven and the Afterlife. Lenora was dying. She was 54 and had inoperable cancer. She lay in bed on pillows surrounded by fragrant flowers. The two ...

Top Five Phenomena That Offer Evidence For An Afterlife | The Daily ...


Top Five Phenomena That Offer Evidence For An Afterlife. Posted by Greg at 11: 53, 09 Dec 2013. Near Death Experience. In the modern age, the debate over ...

Proof #27 - God is Imaginary - 50 simple proofs


But have you ever really thought about your soul? Have you ever thought about how the afterlife would work? Which life forms get an afterlife and which do not?



An examination of the repeatable scientific evidence for the afterlife and what happens when we die.

Is There Evidence for an Afterlife? - CSI


In his recent book Life After Death: The Evidence (2009), conservative author Dinesh D'Souza provides several arguments for evidence of life after death, some ...

Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife | TIME


Apr 20, 2014 ... Beyond Death: The Science of the Afterlife ... and many of them regard this experience as proof of an afterlife—a parallel, spiritual realm, more ...

Evidence for the Afterlife: The Science Behind Psychics, Mediums ...


The afterlife. Throughout human history, the idea that humans have souls that survive their physical death has been a never-ending source of debate.

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Q: Is there proof of an afterlife?
A: There is for me. Several years ago I had an unusual experience concerning an uncle, a distant relative who lived over a thousand miles away. While driving my ca... Read More »
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Q: What's the best proof of an afterlife?
A: Interviewer: I know that you say death is psychologically just as important as birth and like it is an integral part of life, but surely, it can't be like birth... Read More »
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Q: Is there actual proof of an afterlife.
A: No, no one has ever been able to prove that there is a life after death. Near-death experiences are sometimes cited as evidence of an afterlife, but there has b... Read More »
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Q: Is there any other proof of an afterlife?
A: So far, no. Nearly every religions suggests some sort of afterlife, but all ... Read More »
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Q: Any proof of an afterlife?
A: “Dust”—The Final Destination? In the 3,000-year-old book of Ecclesiastes, Solomon wrote: “The living are conscious that death will come to them, but the dead ar... Read More »
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