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Is the Rapture in the Bible? Biblical Truth or False?


Let me quickly show you an example of the weakness of the rapture doctrine - I came across a recent article stating ... Bible Proof The Rapture Theory is False.

Rapture Doctrine invented by John Darby in 1830 AD - Bible.ca


The origin of Rapture False doctrine: John Darby 1830 AD ... All attempts to find evidence of this wild doctrine before 1830 have failed, with a single exception: ...

Bible Proof The Rapture Theory Is False - Religion - Nigeria


Bible Proof The Rapture Theory is False Let us get one thing out of the way first. The word "rapture" is not found anywhere in the Bible.

MATTHEW 24 --Exposing Scofield's false teaching of pre-tribulation ...


Even to tell the Church (Editor's note: "Church here refers to Christians who have been deceived by Scofield's pre-rapture doctrine) what's happening, because ...

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Proof the Rapture Theory Is False&v=P4tTYQcdUNA
Feb 2, 2009 ... Too many people are waiting for the coming rapture. ... Scriptural proof! .... + watch wait It's mostly false teaching, completely misinterpreting ...

NO RAPTURE, WITH PROOF - Demonbuster.com


I doubt they will come up with your RAPTURE THEORY. ..... 1 Thessalonians 4: 17 is the SINGLE Scripture used to justify THE RAPTURE by false doctrine.

www.ask.com/youtube?q=Proof the Rapture Theory Is False&v=I_I-0z6iY2s
Jan 1, 2014 ... MARK13RECORDS Proof The Rapture Theory Is False ... Jesuits Created The Secret Rapture & 7 Year Tribulation, & Both Are False Doctrines ...

Exposing the "Secret Rapture" Theory - Bible Truths


We will see that the rapture theory is in direct conflict with these Scriptures. ... it goes something like this: If something is false (actually, factually, and literally false), ..... Here then is absolute Scriptural proof that the mention of "the day" in verse 2 ...

RAPTURE FALSE HOPE - New Foundations Ministries Site Map


If, then, the rapture is false teaching, how do the expositors of the rapture use the Scriptures to prove this belief? Number one, they twist the Scriptures to get ...

Chapter 17: The Rapture Theory - Its Surprising Origin


Many believe this false teaching is the principle hope of the Body of Christ for their .... the prime source of the modern Rapture doctrine as the historical evidence ...

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The Rapture: A Popular but False Doctrine | United Church of God


But in his zeal for countering error, he added another—the rapture theory. ... Thin proof. For such a seemingly major doctrine, one might expect a weighty ...

The secret rapture - False hope for end-time Christians! - Living ...


Home Page » Study Topics » False Religion » The secret rapture - False hope ... Simply put, it is the teaching that Jesus Christ will return twice! ... Proponents of the rapture point to 1 Thessalonians 4 as their primary proof of a "secret coming.

False Rapture Doctrine, really? - Yahshua servant


Rapture teachers offer a false hope that may cause thousands to abandon the faith. ... Proof Positive? Part 3 KJV Only? The Only Bible? Part 4 Left ... Some call this the “Escape Doctrine”, I call it the False Doctrine of False Hope. Forget that our ...