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For-profit education refers to educational institutions operated by private, profit- seeking ... The other major category of for-profit schools are post-secondary institutions which operate as busine...

Proprietary Schools | NC Community Colleges


Proprietary Schools are for-profit businesses which provide vocational education and training. Under Article 8 (link is external), Chapter 115D of the North ...

Are All Colleges Proprietary Schools Which Seek a Profit?


Jul 26, 2013 ... Proprietary schools are for-profit colleges, like ITT Tech. But many non-profit colleges and universities act like proprietary schools.

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The Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) oversees and monitors non-degree granting proprietary schools in New York State.

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The central focus of the Proprietary School Certification Program is consumer protection. This is accomplished through the establishment of standards for school ...

Proprietary Schools | Louisiana Board of Regents


The Board of Regents oversees proprietary schools – private businesses owned by one person, a partnership, a limited liability company, or a corporation for the ...

Private Proprietary School Registration - the State Board of Education


The State of Idaho require all proprietary schools maintaining a presence in the State of Idaho or operating from a location within the State of Idaho to register ...

Proprietary Schools: Programs, Policies and Prospects. ERIC Digest.


Proprietary schools or, as they are sometimes called, private career schools, are not well known or understood for several reasons. First, they have developed ...

LARA - Private Postsecondary Schools - State of Michigan


Proprietary SchoolsSchools that provide training in a specific trade, occupation or vocation are required to be licensed by the State of Michigan, Proprietary ...

Ohio State Board of Career Colleges and Schools - Ohio.gov


The State Board of Career Colleges and Schools (f/k/a State Board of Proprietary School Registration) monitors and regulates Ohio's private post-secondary ...

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State Board of Proprietary Schools | NC Community Colleges


In accordance with the General Statutes, the State Board of Community Colleges, acting by and through the State Board of Proprietary Schools, has authority to ...

Proprietary Education: Threat, or Not? - NEA


Defining the Issue. As an industry, proprietary education is evolving from mostly small local schools that deliver short, vocationally- oriented programs into much.

Missouri Department of Higher Education - About Proprietary Schools


The term "proprietary school" is derived from the word "proprietor" (owner), and commonly refers to private postsecondary educational institutions operated for ...