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For-profit education

... industry or proprietary education) refers to educational institutions operated by private, profit-seeking businesses. There are three types of for-profit schools.

Proprietary Education: Threat, or Not? - NEA

Defining the Issue. As an industry, proprietary education is evolving from mostly small local schools that deliver short, vocationally- oriented programs into much.

Missouri Department of Higher Education - About Proprietary Schools

The term "proprietary school" is derived from the word "proprietor" (owner), and commonly refers to private postsecondary educational institutions operated for ...

Proprietary Schools | NC Community Colleges

Proprietary Schools are for-profit businesses which provide vocational education and training. Under Article 8 (link is external), Chapter 115D of the North ...

Proprietary school | Define Proprietary school at school

manufactured and sold only by the owner of the patent, formula, brand name, or trademark associated with the product: proprietary medicine. 6. privately owned ...

Welcome to Career Training (Proprietary) Schools | Adult Career ...

The Bureau of Proprietary School Supervision (BPSS) oversees and monitors non-degree granting proprietary schools in New York State. BPSS is responsible  ...

Are All Colleges Proprietary Schools? - The College Investor

Jul 26, 2013 ... Proprietary schools are for profit colleges, like ITT Tech. But many non-profit colleges and universities act like proprietary schools.

College Speak: Proprietary School and National and Regional ...

Feb 11, 2011 ... You may be surprised by the number of unfamiliar terms associated with college and college life. Undergraduate, TA, accreditation, Greek life, ...

LARA - Private Postsecondary Schools - State of Michigan

Proprietary SchoolsSchools that provide training in a specific trade, occupation or vocation are required to be licensed by the State of Michigan, Proprietary ...

Dispelling Some Myths About Proprietary Education | The EvoLLLution

Apr 16, 2012 ... While proprietary schools are expensive, prospective students receive full disclosure on the education they are receiving and what they are ...

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