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Proprioception from Latin proprius, meaning "one's own", "individual", and capio, capere, to take or grasp, is the sense of the relative position of neighbouring ...

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Proprioception definition, perception governed by proprioceptors, as awareness of the position of one's body. See more.

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Proprioception: The ability to sense stimuli arising within the body regarding position, motion, and equilibrium. Even if a person is blindfolded, he or she knows ...

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Proprioception, the body's ability to sense itself, can be a complicated matter, especially in children with ADHD, Asperger's & other processing disorders.

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The term proprioception is used to describe the sensory information that contributes to the sense of position of self and movement. Body position is perceived ...

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Jan 25, 2012 ... What: Proprioception is the concept of knowing where your body is in space ( body awareness) and the ability to safely maneuver around your ...

Sensing your own body is more complicated than you realize


Nov 29, 2013 ... Proprioception is not the vestibular system — the master controller of our balance and spatial orientation. However, the vestibular system does ...

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An in-depth article defining proprioceptive dysfunction; signs and symptoms to help you understand the REAL reason your child may not be able to learn new ...

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Proprioception is the body's ability to transmit a sense of position, analyze that information and react (consciously or unconsciously) to the stimulation with the ...

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High-level proprioception will improve your athletic performance, such as footwork, and make you more lithe and agile no matter what you do. See how.

perception governed by proprioceptors, as awareness of the position of one's body.
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proprioception | Define proprioception at Dictionary.com
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