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Olestra has been shown to help reduce obesity by replacing fat, but has also been condemned for causing gastrointestinal issues and depleting fat-soluble nutrients such as many vit...

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Pros. Producers of olestra-contained products ( P&G, Frito-Lay, Nabisco), ... Cons . A number of organizations, such as Center for Science in the Public Interest ...

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To Your Health The Pros and Cons of the New Artificial Fat Olestra. by Paulette Avery, R.N., M.S.N.. Olestra, an artificial fat developed by Proctor & Gamble ...

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An essay or paper on PROS & CONS OF OLESTRA Introduction This researc. This research paper will present the pros and cons of olestra. Included in the ...

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Free Online Library: THE PROS, CONS OF MAN-MADE FAT. ... That's exactly what Procter and Gamble has done with Olestra, its man-made fat awaiting final ...

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Calling this oil, which chemists claim is a fake fat, "Olestra," P&G says it is just one of several fat substitutes awaiting approval from the Food and Drug ...

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Studies suggest that olestra may help to lower cholesterol levels. ... Pros to Using Fat Substitutes: Cholesterol-Friendly? While consuming olestra-containing products can be ... Cons to Using Fat Substitutes: Side Effects. Despite the good ...

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olestra accounts for its zero calorie contribution to the diet. Olestra can be ... This paper evaluates the pros and cons of olestra as a fat substitute: its effect on the.

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After researching I feel that Olestra (brand name Olean) has its pros and cons just like any other things you eat. It can help but also hurt you. The Frito-Lay ...

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... and provides information on the pros and cons of including them in the diet. ... The statement raises concern about olestra, a fat-derived fat substitute used in ...

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