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Roman Catholicism remained the official state religion, and the fortunes of French Protestants gradually declined over the next century, culminating in Louis  ...

Comparing Roman Catholic and conservative Protestant beliefs

Comparing the beliefs of Roman Catholics and conservative Protestants.

Protestantism Origins, Protestantism History, Protestantism Beliefs

"Protestantism" is one of the three major branches of Christianity, along with Roman Catholicism and Eastern Orthodoxy.

Protestant Religion - Religious Beliefs

Protestantism is more a definition of the group of churches that broke off from the Roman Catholic Church during the sixteenth century rather than a religion in ...

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Protestant Beliefs. ... Protestants believe that they are saved by God's forgiving grace. There are varying views among Protestants regarding such matters as the  ...

What is the difference between Catholics and Protestants?

Protestants view the Bible as the standard by which all Christian behavior must be measured. This belief is commonly referred to as “sola scriptura” and is one of  ...

Protestantism: Protestant Beliefs and Practices - findingDulcinea

Web resources to learn about Protestant beliefs and practices, including information about the denominations, ceremonies and religious writings of the religion.

Key Beliefs of Catholics, Protestants & Methodists | The Classroom ...

But while Catholics, Methodists and other Protestants have fundamental tenets in common, every Christian denomination has its own beliefs. Christianity has ...

Protestant - ReligionFacts

One of the three major branches of the Christian religion, Protestantism originated in the 16th century Reformation, and most modern Protestant denominations ...

Protestant Beliefs: Three Historic Key Reformation Doctrines (The ...

With so much in common, how do Protestants generally differ in belief from ... all Protestant churches must agree on the basic core beliefs of Protestantism, ...

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Q: What do the protestant beliefs?
A: The Protestants Protest the Church started by the Apostles of Christ and replaced it with their version of Christianity. Read More »
Q: What are protestant beliefs on Death and the afterlife.
A: For Protestants this life is a pilgrimage, a journey toward Read More »
Q: What Is A Protestants Belief On The Afterlife?
A: Born again Christian believe we will go to Heaven after we die, for all eternity. Non believers are condemned to hell for all eternity because they rejected the... Read More »
Q: What do protestants belief when people die?
A: Most commonly, Protestants believe that when a person dies, his soul goes to heaven where he or she is judged by God according to how that person lived on earth... Read More »
Q: Who blended Protestant beliefs and Catholic features?
A: Martin Luther. Read More »