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In some systems of biological classification, the Protozoa are a diverse group of unicellular eukaryotic organisms. Historically, protozoa were defined as ...

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Protozoa are single celled organisms. They come in many different shapes and sizes ranging from an Amoeba which can change its shape to Paramecium with ...

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The Protozoa are considered to be a subkingdom of the kingdom Protista, although in the classical system they were placed in the kingdom Animalia. More than ...

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The name protozoa means “first animals.” As the principal hunters and grazers of the microbial world, protozoa play a key role in maintaining the balance of ...

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Protozoa are single-celled eukaryotes (organisms whose cells have nuclei) that commonly show characteristics usually associated with animals, most notably ...

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Protozoa: A parasitic single-celled organism that can divide only within a host organism. For example, malaria is caused by the protozoa Plasmodium.

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Apr 22, 2016 ... Protozoa. Protozoa are microscopic, one-celled organisms that can be free-living or parasitic in nature. They are able to multiply in humans, ...

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Taxonomy is the realm of science that attempts to group similar organisms together, which is not always an easy task. In this lesson, we will...

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Protozoan, organism, usually single-celled and heterotrophic (using organic carbon as a source of energy), belonging to any of the major lineages of protists ...

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Learn about protozoa. Full Screen. © 2012 This website is produced by the Student Recruitment, Admissions and International Development Division at The  ...

a major grouping or superphylum of the kingdom Protista, comprising the protozoans.
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