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The Greek mathematician Pythagoras was the first to propose the idea of a round Earth, primarily based on the behavior of the Earth's shadow on the moon. Aristotle made several arg...

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"My conviction is that the Earth is a round body in the centre of the heavens, ..... in order to prove a smaller size of the Earth than that propounded by Ptolemy.

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Sep 21, 2011 ... He felt sure the earth was round.” –Emma Miler Bolenius, American Schoolbook Author, 1919. One of the most enduring myths that children ...

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Apr 13, 2013 ... Earth & Space project Music= Great Fairy's Fountain Theme, Koji Kondo. ... 2:00: 01. Flat Earth, Round Earth - photographic illusion? NASA lies ...

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It has actually been known that the Earth was round since the time of the ancient Greeks. I believe that it was Pythagoras who first proposed that the Earth was ...

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Further proof of the Earth being round came after the voyage of Columbus. When Newton discovered and measured the force of gravity, that number could then ...

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Dec 29, 2012 ... The idea that the Earth is spherical originated in Ancient Greece, and the oldest reliable sources credit Pythagoras from the 6th century BCE.

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Jun 24, 2011 ... How would you prove that the Earth is, in fact, round? ... There are numerous other ways of demonstrating that the Earth is round, or curved, ...

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Lots of good answers here, but I'll add one more from personal experience. I grew up in the US, and I've spent a fair amount of time watching the stars and c...

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Mar 31, 2014 ... Christopher Columbus too knew that the Earth was round, when he proposed .... He certainly did call the inhabitants of the lands he discovered ...

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Q: Who proved earth was round?
A: Columbus didn't prove it. Anciant greeks hypothisied that it was round from 6th century BCE on. As did Plato and Socrates. I suppose it wasn't proven until Cosm... Read More »
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Q: Who proved the earth was round?
A: Wasnt it Gallileo who proved the earth was round and not flat and that the planets revolve around the sun and not the other way around? Read More »
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Q: How to prove that earth is round?
A: Measure the length of the shadow cast by a 1 meter high stick at the equator. Then measure it at the north pole. You can calc the diameter by the difference in ... Read More »
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Q: What evidence proves that Earth is round?
A: Answer Pictures from space for one, the laws of gravity for two and the curved horizon for three - not to mention the planes that fly and ships that sail around... Read More »
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Q: Who was the first to prove the earth was round.
A: magelian. =. It was not Fernão de Magalhães (a brave Portuguese navigator), but. Aristarchus of Samos,. aprox. 1,800 years before Magalhães made his famous voya... Read More »
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