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Bail - Recommendations | Victorian Law Reform Commission


ensure the bail system does not perpetuate the historical disadvantage faced by ... The section in the new Bail Act providing for police power to grant bail ... This should apply even when the accused was previously bailed to a future date. 33.

Report and Recommendations on Bail Reform in New York State


Jan 15, 2014 ... and which generated recommendations for bail reform similar to those in ... The Section's report first highlights the need for bail reform in the New York State court system ... provide reasonable assurance a defendant will appear in court. ... the other factors in a judge's evaluation of a defendant's futur...

For Better or For Profit: How the Bail Bonding Industry Stands in the ...


has been arrested and released pretrial shows up for their future trial date. By using money as ... third party to pay or provide a surety guarantee for one's bail— is ... and the recommendation that they be abolished is .... Like I said, the whole bail system has its pros and cons, but I believe that for lesser petty charges, there ...

Bail Experts Table Recommendations - Ontario


“a savings in appearances should, overall, provide capacity in the Ontario courts to respond appropriately and quickly to future demands that are placed on them.” 5 ... “When considering reforms to the bail system consistent with constitutional.

Trapped by New York's Bail System - The New York Times


Jul 10, 2015 ... The judge sets a low bail, maybe $500, but even that is too much for you or your family. ... But now you have a criminal record, which could damage your future. ... law provides less onerous options than the cash bail or commercial bonds ... York edition with the headline: Trapped by New York's Bail System .

Abolish Our Discriminatory Bail System - The Law Reform Soapbox


Jan 30, 2008 ... For those not in the know, here is how the bail system works in most states. ... given an arraignment date (first appearance) a month or two in the future. ... to provide that bail be administered solely by the justice system, rather ...

4. Arrest and Bail - Best Practices where there is Family Violence ...


In each case, the recommendations identified the failures of the bail system as a major component in the criminal justice system's failure to adequately ..... However, orders which only provide for access as directed by the child protection ..... Because a breach of a court order is an identified risk factor for future violence , it...

Bail Law Reform, July 2011 - Legal Aid NSW


Jul 22, 2011 ... Police are the gatekeepers of the bail system and the decisions they make about ... Recommendation 3: Provide further legislative guidance for police about their .... It would also prevent future ad hoc amendments to the list of ...

the history of bail and pretrial release - Pretrial Justice Institute

www.pretrial.org/download/pji-reports/PJI-History of Bail Revised.pdf

To understand the bail system in medieval Eng- land, one must ... required to find a surety who would provide a pledge to ..... future conduct, neither of which is a permissi- ble purpose .... and recommendations to the court, the Pretrial. Services  ...

Implementing the Recommendations of the 2011 National ...

www.pretrial.org/download/pji-reports/2014 Progress Report.pdf

too many lives are threatened by current bail setting practices that offer 'escape hatches' to the ... and the Criminal Justice System Stakeholders – that met quarterly. It became ... Desk Appearance Tickets: Their Past, Present, & Possible Future.

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Why the Bail Bond System Needs Reform | The Crime Report


Nov 19, 2013 ... Tragically, the cash-based bail bond system used throughout much of the ... pay their bond— actually increases their likelihood to reoffend in the future. ... to predict pretrial misconduct, provide a rational alternative to arbitrary ...

a complete overhaul of the bail system? - AustLII


Bail Act will aim to achieve greater consistency in the bail system, primarily by ... Bail law consequently provides the framework for decisions by the police and courts ... where the first recommendation was, '[a]ll laws governing Bail should be ..... future impact of NSW bail laws to the community remain uncertain. Whether or  ...

Bail and Release Work Group - the County of Santa Clara


B) Recommendations . .... Discriminatory Impacts of the Money Bail System . ...... future violence, the County should explore additional methods of providing ...