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Articulation of head of rib


The articulations of the heads of the ribs (or costocentral articulations) constitute a series of gliding or arthrodial joints, and are formed by the articulation of the ...

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Sep 26, 2013 ... Provides levers against which muscles pull. Transverse process, spinous process. Provide an articulation point for the ribs. Superior articular ...

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Note the general manner in which the ribs articulate with the thoracic vertebrae. ... posterior vertebra, and the ribs angle posteriorly at the point of articulation.

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... of each vertebrae function as the site of attachment for muscles and ligaments of the spine as well as the point of articulation of the ribs (in the thoracic spine).

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... the only vertebrae that support ribs and have overlapping spinous processes. ... of each vertebral arch to support the ribs and provide attachment sites for the ...

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Needlelike projection that serves as an attachment point for ligaments and muscles of the neck. ...... 4. provide an articulation point for the ribs. 5. openings ...

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Provide(s) levers for the muscles to pull against 4. Provide(s) an articulation point for the ribs s. Openings providing for exit of spinal nerves 12. The following ...

Chapter 19: The skeleton of the thorax


The skeleton of the thorax includes the sternum, ribs and costal cartilages, and ... of the second costal cartilages; hence it is a reference point in counting ribs.

Chapter 39: The vertebral column


The various facets for the ribs on T1 and on T9 to 12 veertebral bodies are ... lateral mass presents the auricular (ear-shaped) surface for articulation with the hip ...

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Sep 13, 2013 ... components of other bones such as proximal ribs, upper pelvis and posterior skull *muscles ... provide articulation point, from the rib? body and ...

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provides an articulation point for the ribs. 49. intervertebral foramina. openings providing for exit of spinal nerves. 50. body & vertebral arch. structures that form ...

The Vertebral Column and Spinal Cord


At the point where the laminae and pedicles meet, each vertebra contains two ... The unique characteristic of thoracic vertebrae are articular facets for the ribs.

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... bony components of the thorax are the sternum, thoracic vertebrae and ribs. ... Provide an Articulation Point for the Ribs · Structures That Form an Enclosure ...