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Psion or variant may refer to: The J/ψ meson; a person with psionic ability. a character with in role playing games, see psionics (role-playing games).

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Table: The Psion. Level, Base Attack Bonus, Fort Save, Ref Save, Will Save, Special, Power Points/ Day, Powers Known, Maximum Power Level Known. 1st, +0 ...

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The powers of the mind are varied and limitless, and the psion learns how to unlock them. Whether he is a shaper or a telepath, an egoist or a nomad, or even a ...



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Psions are a slave race of the Cabal. They are a unique species that was conquered and forced into servitude by the main Cabal race. Smaller than their larger ...

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Psion (Cat) [Joan D. Vinge] on Amazon.com. *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. When first published, readers young and old eagerly devoured the tale of a ...

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The enhanced life forms evolved into the Psion race. The early Psions investigated the Maltusian labs and mimicked their creators. They went as far as cutting off ...

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Psions (想子, literally "Thought Particles", the English spelling is "psyon") are non -physical particles that come under the dimension of psychic phenomenon, ...

Psion: the last computer • The Register


Jun 26, 2007 ... Special Feature The Series 5 pocket computer from Psion was launched 10 years ago this week. It was a remarkable achievement: entirely ...