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The psychedelic is a concept the name of which is derived from the Ancient Greek words psychē and dēloun translating to "mind-revealing". Related ...

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The effects of psychedelics, the history of psychedelics and their potential uses in society today.

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Psychedelic definition, of or noting a mental state characterized by a profound sense of intensified sensory perception, sometimes accompanied by severe ...

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Dec 9, 2016 ... Psychedelics are a class of hallucinogens named so because the term is derived from the Greek words ψυχή (psyche, "mind") and δηλείν ...

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The most famous--or notorious--of the psychedelic drugs is LSD, a compound that can be obtained from various mushrooms and other fungi but is usually ...

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This word is also applied to the writings, art, movies and music that are inspired by or that enhance the psychedelic experience. The term was coined by ...

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/r/psychedelic is the place to share and discuss psychedelic: Music (in all forms); Drugs; Art; Festivals; Anything else related that your mind can conjure.

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psychedelic meaning, definition, what is psychedelic: (of a drug) causing effects on the mind, such as feelings of deep understanding or…. Learn more.

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