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WebMD explains that the normal resting heart rate, also known as pulse rate, for men is 60 to 100 beats per minute. The resting pulse rate is measured after the individual has rest...

pulse rate
the rate of the pulse: stated in pulsations per minute.
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newborn (0–3 months old), infants (3 – 6 months), infants (6 – 12 months), children (1 – 10 years), children over 10 years & adults ...

All About Heart Rate (Pulse) - American Heart Association


Aug 5, 2015 ... Your heart rate, or pulse, is the number of times your heart beats per minute. Normal heart rate varies from person to person. Knowing yours ...

Even before you begin to think about what your child's normal pulse rate might be, it is important to keep in mind that there are a lot of different pulse rates that experts talk about. During crying or physical activity, a child's pulse rate may climb to the upper lim... More »
By Vincent Iannelli, M.D., About.com Guide

Blood Pressure vs. Heart Rate - American Heart Association


Sep 4, 2014 ... If my heart rate is healthy, is. Blood pressure and heart rate are not the same. Learn the differences. Your pulse rate is not correlated with your ...

Heart Rate Myths and Facts: Normal Heart Rate, Resting Heart Rate ...


WebMD explains myths and facts about heart rates, including what an erratic heart rate means and the link between your pulse and stress.

Vital Signs (Body Temperature, Pulse Rate, Respiration Rate, Blood ...


Pulse rate. Respiration rate (rate of breathing). Blood pressure (Blood pressure is not considered a vital sign, but is often measured along with the vital signs.).

Heart rate: What's normal? - Mayo Clinic


A normal resting heart rate for adults ranges from 60 to 100 beats a minute. A heart rate ... To measure your heart rate, simply check your pulse. Place your index ...

Pulse & Target Heart Rate - Cleveland Clinic


Your pulse is your heart rate, or the number of times your heart beats in one minute. Pulse rates vary from person to person. Your pulse is lower when you are at ...

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Q: How to Recover a Pulse Rate.
A: 1. Discuss you exercise program with your physician. Ask for a recommended heart rate for your health and for your stage of pregnancy. Depending on your fitness... Read More »
Source: www.ehow.com
Q: What is pulse rate for a teenager?
A: The normal heart rate for adults is between 60-100 beats per minute. However, medications and certain conditions can raise and lower your normal pulse rate. Add... Read More »
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Q: What is the pulse rate of a rabbit?
A: 125-325 per minuto. Read More »
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Q: How to obtain a pulse rate.
A: Use a machine or ask your doctor. Or do it yourself by pressing firmly on the underside of your neck and timing the number of beats in 30 seconds. x by 2 to cal... Read More »
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Q: Why is pulse rate checked.
A: its checked for high blood pressure which cause problems so they like to check it so if it happens they can put you on medication to fix it. Read More »
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