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A chemical substance is a form of matter that has constant chemical composition and ... A common example of a chemical substance is pure water; it has the same properties and the same ratio of hydro...

What Is a Pure Substance? (Chemistry Definition)


This is the definition of pure substance along with examples of things that are pure substances (and ones that aren't).

A substance is a form of matter that has a constant chemical composition and characteristic properties. It cannot be separated into its several components without breaking its chemical bonds.
Water, gold, table salt and sugar are all substances.

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You may have wondered what is meant by the term 'pure substance'. Here's what a pure substance is and how you can tell if something is pure or not.

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A pure substance is any single type of material that has not been contaminated by another substance. Water is considered a pure substance if the water contains  ...

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May 3, 2015 ... This lesson introduces the concept of the pure substance. The impact of purity on the physical and chemical properties are discussed and ...

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A pure substance is a substance that cannot be separated by physical means. eg . filtration, evaporation, distillation or chromatography. Examples of pure ...

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A substance is matter which has a specific composition and specific properties. Every pure element is a substance. Every pure compound is a substance.

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All matter can be classified as either a pure substance or a mixture. ... the different parts of a mixture can be easily separated by physical means, such as filtration ...

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Q: Why is water considered a pure substance? - Quora
A: This is a very interesting question. I think the answer has many dimensions. First, water is ... It is transparent, almost tasteless, and pure white when froze... Read More »
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Q: Why is air not a pure substance? - Quora
A: A pure substance is either an element (e.g. carbon, oxygen, nitrogen, sodium, lead etc.) or a compound (e.g. H2O, CO2, NH3, NaCl etc.). Air comprises elements... Read More »
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Q: Why is table salt a pure substance? - Quora
A: Now, if you're taking about iodized table sale (the most common type) then no, it's not a pure substance because you can remove the iodine without chan... Read More »
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Q: Is HCl a pure substance? - Quora
A: Yes, HCl (hydrogen chloride) is a pure substance. In chemistry, both elements and compounds are pure substances. Hydrogen chloride is a binary compound of ... Read More »
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Q: Is water a pure substance? - Quora
A: Pure water is, but pure water is pretty rare, since it is such a good ionic solvent. Your distilled water remains pure until you open the container ... Read More »
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