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Predestination, in theology, is the doctrine that all events have been willed by God, usually with ... He believed God's predestination was based on God's foreknowledge of .... who were save...

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Jul 4, 2013 ... Most Massachusetts colonists were nonseparating Puritans who wished to ... Puritans believed that belief in Jesus and participation in the ... choosing those who will be saved and those who will receive God's irresistible grace. .... This system came to be called the Congregational or "New England Way.

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The Puritans believed in the concept of original sin. ... What did Puritans believe? ... of predestination taught that only God could select the fortunate people who would be saved from eternal punishment. These few people were called the Elect . ... The Puritans maintained that those whom God had chosen for salvation would ...

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Puritans, a subsect of Christianity, shared the normative belief that everyone was ... from the church, sailed to New England and started what is now called Puritanism. ... unpardonable sins are those committed by straying from trying to fulfill God's ... They believed that a select few were chosen by God to be saved and that ...

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They were to be an example for the rest of the world in rightful living. ... Puritans believed that those chosen by God to be saved — the elect — would experience  ...

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Oct 11, 2010 ... Like the ancient Israelites, they were liberated by God from oppression ... like the Israelites, they were chosen by God to fulfill a special role in human ... Winthrop reminded them of their duties and obligations under the covenant. ... But no one really knew if he or she was saved or damned; Puritans lived in a ...

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The Pilgrims who settled Plymouth Colony were part of a faction known as Separatists; ... although the New England separatists at Plymouth were so-called because they ... Puritans believed in the concept of predestination: that God chose each ... Some of these worldly guys are saved and they just don't know it yet (they ...

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The Scarlet Letter shows his attitude toward these Puritans of Boston in his portrayal of ... While half the colonists died that first year, the other half were saved by the coming spring and ... The Elect were people chosen by God for salvation. ... The Puritans who settled Massachusetts Bay Colony believed that all mankind was ....

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In England a protestant religion called the Anglicans became the dominant ... Puritans believed that all men were born sinners, this was known as the idea ... Puritans felt that only certain of people would be saved and that these people were chosen at birth, ... The Bible, according to the Puritans, was the direct word of God.

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The "politics" of New England were quite different than those of the Virginia colony, and they ... They believed that the Church of England was so corrupt it must be abandoned completely. ... God had chosen a set number of the Elect, or Saints. ... experience through which God revealed signs that you were one of the saved.

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Therefore, the Puritans were constantly examining their lives, especially their thoughts ... sometimes; they did not believe that you could be saved by how you lived, but that ... God "saves" those he wishes, the doctrine of predestination. ... Jesus died for the chosen Elect only, those predestined for heaven, not for everyo...

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The Puritans were a varied group of religious reformers who emerged within the ... They believed that the civil government should strictly enforce public morality by ... You might tell them about the Puritan belief in predestination, which provides ... to students that, in the Calvinist scheme, God decided who would be saved or .....

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The Puritans however believed that the newly founded church still held too ... However, their belief structure provided for God choosing those who were ... Morally, the Puritans believed that their role in society was to be a chosen people called ...