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Therefore, the ultimate purpose of man, according to the Bible, is simply to ... life he concluded that the only worthwhile life is one of honor and obedience to God  ...


Our main purpose for being on earth is to be stewards of God's creation, to grow in God, and to ... which puts arbitrary controls on a man's ability to make money or create or invent, is not biblical. ... Moving from a Life of Getting to One of Giving.


Jan 13, 2011 ... The purpose for man's existence is stated at both ends of Scripture. ... some individuals to inherit eternal life at the return of Jesus Christ to the ...


GOD created Adam and Eve to live a happy life on earth and to take care of their ... lived according to God's instructions, they would enjoy perfect life forever; ...


Sep 7, 2015 ... But all that begins to fade away when you discover your ultimate purpose in life! A young man on a cliff looking at the sunset. Thinkstock.


God's purpose for man and the earth is wonderful. How will Satan's rule and all wickedness be removed? What will life be like in God's new world?


Aug 15, 2009 ... Let us consider the biblical worldview of the purpose of life. ... A. Man was created in God's image and is the supreme object of God's love.


May 27, 2012 ... According to the Bible, our purpose, the reason we are here, is for God's glory. In other words, our purpose is to praise God, worship him, ...


But, we chose to follow deception rather than truth, to follow death rather than life. Now according to the law of God, man must die, there seemed no alternative.