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Albrecht Dürer was an artist who worked during the Thirty Years War. His work reflects the turmoil of the time. The invasions of the German area during the Thirty  ...

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According to the Constitution of the United States, the federal government was established for six specific purposes. These purposes include unity, justice, ...

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Jan 2, 2016 ... In the midst of a rancorous presidential nominating season, when we are bombarded every day with promises by politicians about how they will ...

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Sep 29, 2016 ... Asking tough questions about the provision and purpose of the government.

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The purpose of government is to protect the individual rights of its citizens. Since rights can be assaulted both within a country or outside of it, the government ...

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The Purpose and Role of Government. Michael Oh | Japan. God Instituted Government for the Good of All People. Every ruling authority that exists has been ...

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The proper purpose of government is, as the Founding Fathers recognized, to protect people's inalienable rights to life, liberty, property, and the pursuit of ...

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Jul 12, 2004 ... Call me old-fashioned, but I still hold with the ancient Greeks who said government has only one purpose, to improve the lives of citizens.

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Oct 15, 2015 ... The Real Purpose of Government. At its heart, it's about saving capitalism from itself. by Mark Funkhouser | October 2015 ...

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Jun 18, 2014 ... The proper role of government is perhaps the most central and hotly debated issue in democratic politics. Even during the immediate post-war ...