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The pygmy right whale (Caperea marginata) is a member of the cetotheres, a family of baleen whales, which until 2012 were thought to be extinct; previously C .

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The pygmy right whale, rarely seen at sea, is the smallest and most mysterious of the baleen whales. Information about this whale is sketchy at best, since only a ...

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Pygmy right whales are the smallest of the baleen whales, and contrary to what the name suggests, the pygmy right whale is not actually a 'right whale' and is ...

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Find out what's known about Pygmy Right Whales, Caperea marginata, Mammalia, Cetacea, Neobalaenidae, including their world range and habitats, feeding ...

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Range Description: The pygmy right whale probably has a circumpolar distribution in temperate waters of the Southern Hemisphere between about 30°S and ...

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Pygmy right whales belong to the Mammalian Order Cetacea, in the suborder Mysticeti. All baleen whales belong to the suborder Mysticeti, which is Latin for ...

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The pygmy right whale is a marine mammal that is part of the baleen whale suborder and belongs to the cetacean family which is made up of whales, dolphins ...

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The pygmy right whale is the smallest of the baleen whales. It is found in cold waters in the Southern Hemisphere. It is 13- 20 feet in length and weighs around  ...

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Learn more about the Pygmy right whale - with amazing Pygmy right whale photos and facts on ARKive.

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Dec 18, 2012 ... The pygmy right whale, a mysterious and elusive creature that rarely comes to shore, is the last living relative of an ancient group of whales ...