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History of the Quakers


The Religious Society of Friends began as a movement in England in the mid 17th century in Lancashire. Members are informally known as Quakers, as they ...

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Find out more about the history of The Quakers, including videos, interesting articles, pictures, historical features and more. Get all the facts on HISTORY.com.

History of the Religious Society of Friends (Quakers)


Feb 7, 2006 ... Quote: To find religion itself, you must look inside people and inside yourself. And there, if you find even the tiniest grain of true love, you may ...

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Quaker History is a peer reviewed journal consisting of illuminating articles on Quaker (Religious Society of Friends) contributions to issues such as social ...

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Jul 4, 2005 ... About half of the early Quaker leaders came from this event. .... His central academic interests were in Quaker history, mysticism, and devotion.

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A century after William Penn opened his colony to settlers of all faiths, Samuel McPherson Janney chronicled the history of Quakers in Pennsylvania, specifically ...

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Quakers in Pennsylvania and New Jersey. ... U.S. History ..... Women saw greater freedom in Quaker society than elsewhere, as they were allowed to participate ...

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Quaker History. How did the Quaker movement begin? Why are you called “ Quakers”? Are Quakers the same as the Amish? As Shakers? Do Quakers own ...

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Quakers - Society of Friends - History of Religion - Why wouldn't Quakers fight in wars? Why did they want to free the slaves? Why are they called Quakers?

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History Now: American History Online ... Enthusiastic religious conviction among rustic Quakers contributed much to what seems civilized and refined about ...

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The Religious Society of Friends


Historical Quaker Meetinghouses. Some of these are still active meetinghouses; some not. All are much, much older than the Internet. Burlington (NJ) Meeting ...

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The largest category of collections in Friends Historical Library is that of Personal and Family Papers. These materials include correspondence, journals and ...

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The Religious Society of Friends, commonly known as the Quakers, is a Protestant Christian tradition originating in mid-17th century C.E. England.