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The Quileute /ˈkwɪliuːt/, also known as the Quillayute /kwɪˈleɪ.uːt/, are a Native American people in western Washington state in the United States, ...


Index of real Quileute Indian legends, folktales, and mythology.


For as long as the ageless memory of legend recalls, the Quileutes flourished in the territory which originally stretched from their isle-strewn Pacific beaches ...


According to Quileute legend, the spirit warriors were the first to shift from humans into wolves. Quileute population was always small, but they never ...

Mar 30, 2010 ... Story of how the Quileute people came to be. Notice the cool background music?


Aug 9, 2009 ... Quileute legends which are pronounced as quill-yoot legends are the stories that have passed to American Indian from the Quileute tribe.


Quileute Legend, Indian Myths and Folklore. ... The Quileute, also known as Quillayute, is a Amerindian people in westerly Washington state in the United States ...


In Eclipse, Billy Black tells the Quileute legend of the Cold Ones, wherein a stone -hard vampire kills tribal members, only able to be stopped by the sharp teeth ...


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