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Will Jordan or LeBron Have the Better Career in the End?


Mar 19, 2013 ... This question originally appeared on Quora. ... Michael Jordan is successful in a way that LeBron, Kobe, and all other players currently in the ... We could say he has better vision, and he'll probably end up as a better shooter.

Do you think Lebron James will pass Michael Jordan as the ... - Quora


May 4, 2016 ... Lebron has a suspect jump shot and his game revolves around pure physical ... In the end LBJ is no MJ. He is a ... Jordan averaged 30 points and was all defensive NBA for the better part of his career, Lebron hasn't done that.

Great Athlete Debates: If LeBron played Jordan one on one ... - Quora


You could also argue that LeBron will never match him because he lost twice in the Finals. ... best at the peak of their career, who was better out of Lebron and Jordan? ... Jordan would certainly get the better of LeBron when driving to the basket. .... But Michael Jordan is no slouch on the defensive end; infact, he was one of ....

Who is better: Steph Curry or LeBron James? - Quora


LeBron has performed (arguably) every season of his career at an All-Star level. .... That is where the comparisons end. ... Right now, Steph Curry is shooting as well as Jordan did in his prime, Steph just has little bit less physicality than Jordan ...

Why is LeBron hated so much? Have other great players like Jordan ...


Regardless of how great Lebron will end up being, the fact that he was arrogant enough to .... NBA Players: Who had a better career: Shaq or Duncan?

Who had the worst supporting cast during his career ... - Quora


Who had the worst supporting cast during his career between LeBron, Kobe and Jordan? UpdateCancel ... Part of this is that early in his career, Jordan had very little help. He was ... He may still end up on some terrible teams before the end of his career. .... And when we do that, I think Jordan had slightly better teammates.

Would Len Bias have turned a better player than Michael Jordan ...


Given how Michael Jordan's career turned out, it's seems pretty unlikely that ... He ended up being coached by (arguably) the best to ever do it in Phil Jackson ... Bias certainly would have had an opportunity to turn out a better player than ... career (remember the narrative of the time was similar to what LeBron faced pre ti...

Would Lebron James have been a better baseball player if ... - Quora


I don't doubt that he's athletic enough to have picked up another sport, if he had dedicated himself to it earlier in his career as Jordan did. I don't think baseball is  ...

What made Michael Jordan the best basketball player of all ... - Quora


Late in his career, Jordan had six rings, had retired (again) and then, at age 41, was ... What made Jordan the GOAT was his insane will to win. ... Jordan is the greatest player of the modern era (1980-2012), with Kobe, LeBron, Shaq, Magic, ... Towards the end of this Bird-Magic era a new team emerged as the dominant ...

Is Michael Jordan the best NBA player in history? - Quora


This is a great question and an argument can be made for Wilt Chamberlain ... But when asked, both Magic says that Jordan was better (I think he is just being ... And so is Magic, Kareem, Wilt, Shaq, Bird, Russell, Duncan, Kobe and Lebron. ... and team-based achievements, Jordan had the most accomplished career in the  ...

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When its all said and done, will Jordan or LeBron have the better ...


When its all said and done, will Jordan or LeBron have the better career? ... We could say he has better vision and he'll probably end up as a better shooter.

Who is the better overall basketball player: Michael Jordan ... - Quora


But the fact that Michael Jordan was the "Bill Gates + Steve Jobs combined" of ... You can argue that Kobe is a better player as LBJ in the same era and that ... Also 3.7 steal + blocks is better than anything LeBron has done. ..... What did Jon Huntsman say in Mandarin at the end of The Colbert Report on August 30, 2012?

Is it the right time to compare LeBron James to Michael Jordan ...


Many people will point to the number of rings that this or that player has, and ... To give you some idea of the scale of things, Magic had a career PER of 24.11 ... Who is the better overall basketball player: Michael Jordan or LeBron James .... End your morning shower with the water blasting on full cold for at least 20 seconds ...