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formulas for mixing over 500 colors using Rit Dye's core colors sold in ... of fabric. To dye more fabric, increase the dye measurements specified in a color recipe.

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[v_ message] Color Library The Color Library is your guide to dyeing all the colors of the spectrum. Rit Dye core liquid and powder colors ... @ The Rit Studio.

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Looking for the ColorRit Color Formula Guide from RitDye.com? Have no fear, we archived the 500+ colors for you here. You can also download the formulas for ...

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or more Rit Dye core colors, you create endless color possibilities! Each color recipe below is ... You can recreate it using our archive formulas on Ritstudio.com .

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To convert custom color formulas between powder and liquid, or to scale them up to the desired dye quantity, ...

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DyeMore How to Use DyeMore Rit DyeMore is a synthetic dye that will color 100 % . ... Have you created a color chart for these new colors or is there a way to ...

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Explore Rit Dye Colors Recipes, Rit Colors, and more! ... Rit Dye color chart - make a custom color. Save ... Print Copic Color Chart | Complete Color Chart. Save

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With Rit® Dye, the color possibilities are endless! It's easy to create just the color you want by combining several Rit® colors. Scroll down to see "color recipes" ...

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Custom shades of dye can be created using a recipe on Rit's color chart. Rit offers nine core shades with multiple colors in each spectrum that can create new  ...

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Oct 27, 2007 ... Colors with an * denotes discontinued colors Please look at my tutorial on how to dye fabric with RIT Dye Here is the color grid of RIT Dye ...