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Robert Saunders, Jr. became Professor of Mathematics at William and Mary College in ... springing from the administration of College affairs had reached such a pitch, and .... Statement of the late Miss Estelle Smith (1945)--see Miss Stephenson's .... In "Early Settlers of Alabama" by Mrs. Elizabeth Saunders Blair Stubbs, the ...


Jun 24, 2012 ... (Is this the Robert Saunders of Clunie mentioned in a sasine dated 22 Jul 1752?) ... reported that "The late Dr Saunders of this place, a gentleman of enterprising .... brother) and Harriet E. SAUNDERS (perhaps Robert's daughter?) ...... his widow Catherine was granted administration of his estate at London ...


95-96) for Hiram Saunders to Archibald Saunders, for the SW ¼ NE ¼ Sect. ..... 10, estate of Robert H. Bennett, died Dec 1844; administrator William Green; .... parents born TN/TN; Mary E. 5 AR, daughter, at home; Sarah F. 2, daughter, at home; Orillas ... Cornelius Sanders, late a private in Captain Wood's Company, 12th ...


For comments, questions, or suggestions please contact me at the e-mail ... of Jesse Sanders of Moore County, North Carolina, is the administrator. .... Aaron's widow, Joan (or Joanah) appears on the land records of Montgomery county as late as 1803. ... We are all kin up here one way or another, “ said Robert Saunders.


chusetts by Robert H. Saunders, 703 ... James (1) and his first wife, Sarah Page. ... four issues per year • $12 per year subscription • edited by Don E. Schaefer, 1297 Deane Street, Fayetteville, AR 72703-1544 .... Until the late eighteenth century the .... estate of James (3) in 1743, strongly sug- .... rights of administration.


1884 AR,; William Robert b. ... Note: Elizabeth, Sarah & Mary Ann QUICK were sisters. ... Any info on who the parents of Abner SAUNDERS/SANDERS or Abner's daughter Mary A. SANDERS ... Moved to TX late 1800's. ..... After Burwells mother Elizabeth died Burwell served as the Administrator of her estate May 7, 1832.


28) Robert Saunders, 12 ... index administrators bond rec. ... late of Virginia now of Stepney. .... Sarah Ann Christian Sanders in 1803. Benjamin Sanders and his wifes children; Elizabeth Sanders ..... suit concerning estate division ...


Issue: Robert, Sarah, d.; Kate, Mary and John. ... Issue: G. G.7, E. Putnam7, Anna 7, G. McGehee7. 2. ..... Married Sarah, daughter of Peter Hargreave, who died 1684, and his estate divided (1685) by ... between John Saunders (the administrator) and Robert Roberts, who married Mary, the other daughter of Peter Hargreave.


1 as taken by admin 14th Jan 1848; Buyers: Mrs. Lucy Bates; W.C. Miller; ... Hall & Wm. Young for field purchased from E. Sanders at 2bbls of corn on $150 per acre. ...... to John H. Smith guardian of minor heirs Sarah L. and Mary R. Saunders. ..... due the Estate which was destroyed by the late Freshot in Cannon County.


May 30, 2013 ... SAUNDERS, Daniel – PR 9:7, 10 April 1854, Administration ..... Wilbur have a letter of Administration on the estate of Polly, late of Hopkinton, (daughter of Joseph Tanner, deceased) .... Other items distributed to Sarah E. Wells, Mary Ann Potter, wife of Asa Potter, .... Appraisers: Robert Burdick, Oliver Davis

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