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Mar 22, 2013 ... Indianapolis, IN - Trademark lawyers for Royal Purple, LLC of Indianapolis, Indiana sued Liqui Moly GmbH of Ulm, Germany in the Southern ...


Mar 23, 2013 ... The Defendant, German-based Liqui Moly, is accused of selling lubricants with containers/packaging that is purple. Royal Purple LLC v. Liqui ...


I have decided to use Liqui Moly exclusively after doing a lot of ... You pay though those huge letters on the jug that says: Made in Germany. ... AMSoil & Royal Purple are the only two I can think of off the top of my head. On this ...


Moly 2. American Refining Group, Inc. Brad Penn Lubricants. Bradford, PA amref. com. Premium ... Molybdenum disulfide extereme pressure grease. ISO. Viscosity ..... Coast Oil Co., LLC. San Jose, CA ..... Liqui-Moly PBMG ..... royalpurple.com.


It's made in Germany, so you can expect a much better standard of quality control than .... Like the Liqui-Moly, the Royal Purple can help with your fuel economy.


LIQUIMOLY SYNTHOIL RACE TECH GT1 FULL SYNTHETIC ... Royal Purple is a premium manufacturer and their products are some of the very best on ... The debate has been lately “Castrol vs Mobil 1” and after a few good tests and ..... Founded in 1957 they are Germany's #1 additive manufacturer and one of the most ...


Your machine demands maximum protection. You demand maximum performance. Depend on Royal Purple's full line of synthetic motor oil and lubricants for ...


Engineered by industry experts, Royal Purple's line of synthetic oil and mineral- based lubricants are known to outperform in even the most demanding ...


10W-40. Addinol Lube Oil GmbH .... Champion Brands, LLC .... Liqui Moly GmbH .... Royal Purple High Performance Motor Oil SAE 15W- .... Q8 Super Gear V.


Champion Brands, LLC. Champion .... 15W-40. Liqui Moly GmbH .... Royal Purple High Performance Motor Oil SAE 15W-. 40 CJ-4 ..... Q8 Super Gear V. 75W-80.