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J. Philippe Rushton

Rushton's controversial work came under attack within the scientific ..... for test bias, using data reported in the Rushton et al. paper, led them to conclude that the ...

October 10, 1991 issue (dig101091.pdf) - SEC

Apr 24, 1991 ... v. Joseph Rusnock, et al., USDC WD PA, Civil Action No. 91-1666] (LR-13031). COMPLAINT FILED .... for the Southern District of New York against Rushton Leigh Ardrey, Jr. ~Ardrey), a ..... EDELMAN ASHER B. ET AL. 130.

Internet Advertising and the Generalized Second ... - Ben Edelman

Edelman: Department of Economics, Harvard University, ... (2005), Aranyak Mehta et al. (2005), and Mo- ..... new: it goes back to Vincent P. Crawford and.

Potential for Nest Site Competition between Native and Exotic Tree ...

Feb 18, 2009 ... Andrew J. Edelman, John L. Koprowski, Sadie R. Bertelsen ... referred to as red squirrel) is estimated at only 214 individuals (Rushton et al. ... cavities and dreys ( Edelman and Koprowski 2005a, 2005b, 2006; Young et al. ..... We thank J. Edelman, V. Greer, S. King, M. Merrick, A. Williams, and D. Wood for ...

Ets target genes: past, present and future - Nature

Since the cloning of the v-ets gene, over 30 Ets domain-containing genes have been identified, ... synthetic promoters generated using random oligonucleotides (Edelman et al., 2000). .... Furthermore, Fli1 has been shown to act as a repressor of Rb (Tamir et al., 1999). ...... Rushton JJ, Zorich GP, Stolc V and Neudorf SM.

Committee's Approach to Its Charge and Methods Used in ...

1994, Weiss 1995), colon cancer (Gamble 1994), and laryngeal cancer (Browne and Gee 2000; Chan and Gee 1988; Edelman 1989; Goodman et al. 1999 ...

Family-Centered Service Delivery -

delivery characteristics (Dunst et al., 1991; Lee, 1993; Nelson, Landsman, & Deutelbaum, 1990; .... 1991; Rushton, 1990; Thurman, 1991). .... The legal establishment of the concept of least restrictive environment in the 1972 Wyatt v. .... community-based, integrated social service delivery systems (Edelman, 1987; National ...

space use by endangered Mt. Graham red squirrels - Inter Research

Jun 20, 2007 ... (Lawton 1993, Vucetich & Waite 2003, Rushton et al. 2006) and substitute ..... Dickinson, A. Edelman, E. Freels, V. Greer, L. Habib, K. Hut-.

tree squirrels as invasive species - College of Agriculture and Life ... Squirrel and Sky Island Publications/Palmer_273-282_MVIS.pdf

2004b), and transmission of disease to native species (Rushton et al. 2000, McInnes 2006). Gardens and ... Koprowski 2005, Edelman and Koprowski 2006,.

Animal Conservation (2005) - College of Agriculture and Life Sciences Squirrel and Sky Island Publications/Animal Conservation Fragmentation Nov 05 .pdf

2001; McShea et al., 2003) as some species are unable to persist in small fragments; ... Buechner, 1985). Survival is also often higher in island versus mainland ..... A. Edelman, K. Munroe, B. Pasch, P. Lurz, S. Rushton,. L. Wauters and D.

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squirrel) is estimated at only 214 individuals (Rushton et al. 2006) and is listed as ... (Edelman and Koprowski 2005a, 2005b, 2006; Young et al. 2002). However ...