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Wholesale RVS , By taking the time to read the information we offer here, you will see and ... Q. Are all the RVS, Motorhomes we sell repossessed from banks?

Commonwealth RV


Commonwealth RV, formerly King RV, is a market leader in the RV Sales Industry . ... assets including Motorhomes, Travel Trailers, and 5th Wheel Trailers. We sell more privately owned and bank repossessed RV's than any broker in the ...

RV Repo's Unlimited and More


RV Repo's Unlimited, Statesville, NC, Pre-Owned, Used, Charlotte, Winston- Salem, Consignment, New, Trade In, Financing, Directions, Travel Trailers, Fifth ...

Consumer's Guide to Repossession Practices - Department of ...


(called “collateral”) is a car, boat, motorcycle, or RV. Employees ... In some cases, a bank, auto dealership, financial lender, or other legal owner ... What happens if I miss a payment on my loan? ... still make a payment without having your collateral repossessed. ... Can the repossessor take my vehicle ... they are destroyed.

What To Do If You Can't Make Your Car Payments | Credit.com


Sep 19, 2013 ... However, if you are at risk of losing your car in a repossession, it's a good idea ... More poor decisions followed when he used credit cards and bank loans to .... I have an RV that I am selling and have discovered the principal balance .... My fiancé got a car loan without having a job and the person at the car ...

Repossession | Consumer Protection


Credit contracts include personal loans, credit sales, bank overdrafts, revolving credit ... the Commerce Commission's Repossession guidelines (external link) ...

Am I Responsible for the Loan On My Car If I Voluntarily Turn it In?


When you voluntarily surrender a vehicle, you take the vehicle back to the lender on ... So in the long run, you will be responsible for part of the loan if you voluntarily ... for the deficiency balance and the voluntary reposession will still show up on .... However, if they did sue her then they could possibly still come after her.

I Want My Car Repossessed. Why Wont They? | Bankrate.com


After my Chapter 7 was discharged, I naturally expected my car to be picked up by ... to call the lender every 48 hours until you talk someone into picking up the vehicle. ... If I'm not filing bankruptcy but I also surrender my car how long is it for the .... they won't pick it up even though the bank said they would repo it 2 ...

The Impact of a Voluntary Vehicle Surrender | Experian


Jul 13, 2016 ... Voluntarily surrendering your vehicle may be slightly better than having it repossessed. ... If the bank has to come take the vehicle, they will report the account as a repossession, and ... How Long Does It Take To Build Credit.

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Q: If the bank repos my RV, what will I be liable for?
A: You could be liable for the balance left remaining after they receive funds from selling it if the price does not equal what you owe. In some states you could a... Read More »
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Q: Can a US Bank repo a Motorhome that is located in Mexico?
A: No Permit is required to go to Zona Norte or the Border area. I watched a show on TV called Operation Repo and Matt and Luis went in to Tijuana and repoed a top... Read More »
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Q: How do I get the bank to repo my RV without destroying my credit?
A: I can't handle the monthly payment on our RV. I can't sell it and want the bank to reposses it. But they tell me they will still hold me reponsible for the diff... Read More »
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Q: Should I Consider RV Bank Repos?
A: One thing to consider when looking for an RV repo is when you plan on buying.  If you are thinking about buying in the very near future this may not be the best... Read More »
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