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Rabies symptoms in dogs include a loss of appetite, a change in normal behavior, consistent aggressive behavior such as barking, growling or attempting to bite or attack other anim...

Rabies Symptoms
The initial onset of rabies begins with: fever, muscle weakness, tingling, burning at the bite site . As the virus continues to attack your central nervous system, the following symptoms occur: insomnia, anxiety, confusion, partial paralysis, agitation More »


edit]. A person with rabies, 1959. The period between infection and the first flu- like symptoms is typically 2 to 12 weeks in ...

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Rabies — Comprehensive overview covers symptoms and treatment of this serious infection.
From 2000 to 2007 there were only 25 cases of human rabies reported in the United States, and 18 came from contact with bats. The symptoms of rabies start out like many other infections, and victims may feel like they have the flu: If treatment wasn't sought after a bi... More »
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Jun 25, 2015 ... Signs and symptoms in animals. Animals infected with rabies may appear sick, crazed, or vicious. This is the origin of the phrase "mad dog.

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Feb 15, 2012 ... Early rabies symptoms can be flu-like and may include an itching sensation at the site of the bite. Symptoms progress to more serious ...

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But the good news is that problems can be prevented if the exposed person receives treatment before symptoms of the infection develop. Rabies is a virus that in ...

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Dec 8, 2014 ... Rabies is a viral disease that spreads through the bite of an infected animal. Symptoms include fever, headaches, and weakness. Learn about ...

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The initial symptoms of rabies are mild, but they can quickly become serious.

Rabies Symptoms
Rabies is a rare but serious illness that affects the central nervous system. Any mammal can contract and spread rabies, but it has become very rare in the United States because of animal vaccinations. People who contract rabies typically get it from a... More »
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Q: What are rabies symptoms?
A: Symptoms include malaise, loss of appetite, fatigue, headache, & fever. Over half of the Read More »
Q: What are rabies symptoms in humans.
A: The later signs are paralysis, spasms of the throat muscles, convulsions, and Read More »
Q: What are rabies symptoms in felines?
A: Not Medical Advice: The first sign usually is a change in behavior. They stop eating, drinking, and may appear to want to be left alone. report this answer. Upd... Read More »
Q: When will the rabies symptom appear?
A: From the point where the rabies virus entered the body, the virus moves towards the brain along the nerves. A person may show the first signs of rabies 10 to 50... Read More »
Q: What are Rabies symptoms?
A: Symptoms: When a dog is infected with the rabies virus, the virus multiplies within the body until symptoms develop. This time period between infection and the ... Read More »