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Radiation therapy or radiotherapy, often abbreviated RT, RTx, or XRT, is therapy using ionizing radiation, generally as part of cancer treatment to control or kill ...

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Radiation therapy uses high-energy radiation to shrink tumors and kill cancer cells (1). X-rays, gamma rays, and charged particles are types of radiation used for ...

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Learn about radiation therapy for cancer treatment - what it is, how it's given, and how to manage side effects.

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If your treatment plan includes radiation therapy, a highly trained medical team will work together to provide you with the best possible care. This health care ...

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Jan 27, 2016 ... Radiation therapy — also called radiotherapy — is a highly targeted and highly effective way to destroy cancer cells in the breast that may stick ...

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... Radiation Exposure: Risks and Health ... Breast Cancer · Radiation Therapy Topics ...

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Radiation therapy is a type of cancer treatment that uses beams of intense energy to kill cancer cells. Radiation therapy most often gets its power from X- rays, but ...

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Sep 8, 2016 ... Radiation therapy is used to kill cancer cells and stop them from growing and dividing. Both external radiation therapy and internal radiation ...

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Radiation therapy is cancer treatment, using exposure to kill and stop spread. Must be carefully done to minimize side effects and maximize benefits.

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Radiation therapy uses targeted energy to kill cancer cells, shrink tumors, and provide relief of certain cancer-related symptoms. At Cancer Treatment Centers of ...

Radiation Therapy
Radiation therapy is a cancer treatment that uses concentrated radiation beams to kill cancer cells. The most common type of radiation therapy is external beam radiation. This type involves a machine that directs high-energy beams of radiation at cancer cells. The machine allows radiation to be targeted at specific sites, which is why... More »
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