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Custom shoe lift and modification for correcting leg length discrepancy. The modification is expertly and precisely customized to each customer.


Compensating for leg length discrepancy or short leg using heel lifts or shoe lifts.


These Heel Lifts are designed for the treatment of anatomical and physiological short leg deficiencies. They are molded from a pliable, resilient, washable plastic  ...


How Solely Orthopedic Lifts builds and modifies shoes to solve leg length ... Once we have the lift built up to match the measurements, we put together the sole ...


Items 1 - 12 of 27 ... Roughly 85% of the world's population have one leg that's longer than the ... SHOE RECOMMENDATIONS: If the difference between the limb ...


Learn more about short leg syndrome (limb length discrepancy) and treating the ... The downside is that lifts can wear out quickly and raise only the heel rather than the ... We will often start with in-shoe lifts and then move on to more definitive ...


A heel lift is a mechanical device which lengthens the shorter leg by a .... more lift than 12mm it is necessary to have the sole and heel of the shoe built up.


Shoe Lifts Shoe Build Ups for Leveling Shorter Leg Modifying All Types of Shoes and Boots to Help Leg Length Discrepancies.


Jun 20, 2017 ... Do you need your one of your shoes built up? Many physicians, chiropractors, and podiatrists recommend their clients to us for this kind of work ...