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You don't need a lot of money or pasture to get started raising bottle calves.


How to Raise Bucket Calves. Bucket calves, so named because of how they're fed from birth until weaning, are easy to raise. In fact, for children interested in ...


Today I'm thrilled to welcome Pam of Learning to Be Me, a fellow blogger and dear friend, as she shares her adventure in raising a bottle calf last year. Enjoy her ...


In fact, when we decided to raise a few calves this year, I was shocked at just how cheap they really are. We are raising calves for beef, and our first baby only ...


When a cow is unable to care for a newborn calf, a common practice is to raise the animal independently.


Feb 15, 2016 ... The 5 Survival Tips for Bottle Feeding Calves and Why you should consider raising bottle-calves.



It's not difficult to tame and train a calf if you have the time to do it. Remember calves grow up to be much larger cattle -- they may still be your pets, but they'll be  ...


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Nov 26, 2013 ... Cold stress works against a calf program's goal to develop a strong and growthy calf, so feeding and management will need to be adjusted in ...