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Ital, also spelled I-tal is food often celebrated by those in the Rastafari movement. It is compulsory in the Nyabinghi mansion though not in the Twelve Tribes of ...

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May 18, 2016 ... How to cook Ital Rasta Food with 6 Tips. jamaican ackee and saltfish. No Meat: – As Rasta we do not eat or cook beef, pork, shell fish, ...

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May 27, 2015 ... The Rastafarian, or Rastafari, movement is a religious movement that began in Jamaica and now has members throughout the world.

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Ital food is derived from the word “vital food” (Self-determination of the black race resulted in the Rastafarians usage of the word 'I” to replace the first letter of ...

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Improve your health and support your local economy: a Rastafarian Ital diet might be the key to the healthier life you've been searching for.

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The Rastafarian diet follows a few simple laws, such as no meat and alcohol allowed. See what are the Ital foods you can eat, and what Rastas avoid doing.

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May 29, 2014 ... What “mek up” the rastafarian diet? Do they eat the same food like everybody else? or do they have their own food? let's check it out!

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Aug 4, 2016 ... Excellent response from Kim-Giam. I would also like to add that many Rastafarians refrain from salt, dehydrated/preserved food, and processed ...

For Rastas, Eating Pure Food From the Earth is a Sacred Duty


Jul 19, 2016 ... Before modern-day health food, Rastafarians were making breadfruit spiced with Scotch bonnet peppers and coconut milk, not chemicals.

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Food such as pork is considered taboo and is strictly forbidden. Fish is eaten by some Rastas but the most eaten foods are fruits and vegetables. Callaloo, called  ...