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Common Rat
Kingdom: Animalia Phylum: Chordata Class: Mammalia
Order: Rodentia Family: Muridae Genus: Rattus
Species: Rattus rattus
The black rat, also known as the common or house rat, occurs in a great many varieties and races, or subspecies, of which few are actually black, despite the common name. Believed to have come from Southeast Asia, this species spread... More »
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Rat Anatomy | The Biology Corner


Rat Dissection Walk-Through is also available if you are looking for a more descriptive approach to the rat dissection. These are photos taken from the annual rat ...

Virtual Rat Dissection Step by Step - The Biology Corner


This is a walk-through of the rat dissection with photos showing the key features of the rat. It is useful for a review or for students who cannot participate in ...

Rat Anatomy Review for Biology 120


Review of Rat Anatomy. These pages will show you pictures of parts of a dissected rat with structures identified by numbers. To quiz yourself, see if you can ...

Rat Dissection


Brain (dorsal view). Male urogenital system (ventral). rat_male_urogenital1.jpg ( 55909 bytes). rat_thoracic_cavity.jpg (58982 bytes). Thoracic cavity (ventral).

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May 25, 2014 ... We performed a rat dissection for our semester task. Just a few amateurs trying to dissect rat. This video is for educational purpose only. Mouse ...

Dissection of the Rat - Wikispaces


Dissection of the Rat. Introduction. You will be looking at the anatomy of the white rat. Believe it or not, the white rat is similar in composition to a human.

rat dissection guide - philipdarrenjones.com


Most of what you learn on the rat is applicable to the anatomy of other ... Refer to the drawing below and identify the indicated structure on the rat prior to ...

Rat Dissection


Rat Dissection. The following slides are intended to help you with dissection of the rat and then to review for the lab practical that will follow. Rat Dissection.

Rat Biology - Rat Behavior and Biology


Rat Biology. Rat Biology. Rat Anatomy. Rat tails, Rat teeth, ... Also see expanded article: coat color and temperament in rats and deermice. Why do some rats ...

Popular Q&A
Q: How is the rat anatomy similar to the human anatomy?
A: the rat and human anatomy is so simaler, its easy to tell the rat from the human. but it gets confusing. the rat has the same anatomy as a human but its smaller... Read More »
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Q: Is this true? rat anatomy
A: Dear Cath - This technically is correct. Rats cannot vomit in the sense of an active, forcible removal of the stomach contents via the esophagus and mouth. Howe... Read More »
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Q: Questions about rat anatomy?
A: The medulla and cortex are parts of the brain, just as in humans. The right ventricle pumps the deoxygenated blood to the lungs, just as in humans. And rats and... Read More »
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Q: Rat Anatomy Diagram?
A: This may help: http://kentsimmons.uwinnipeg.ca/16cm05/1…. Read More »
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Q: What are the differences between Human anatomy vs rat anatomy.
A: rats are rats and people are people are people Besides that obvious fact. The thoracic cavity of a rat is much smaller than the abdomino-pelvic cavity but in hu... Read More »
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